Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Unique Mini Steampunk Journal with easy binding October 8 2019

October 9 2019

Welcome Back Friends,

Robin here with  ScraPerfect, with a unique mini journal. I am smitten with anything Steampunk!! I have always been interested in the Victorian era, the style, steam, and industrial are very fascinating to me.Who knows, I may of had another life in that time.

I am new to The Best Ever Glue, and let me tell you, it is The Best Ever Glue! It takes very little glue for a solid bond, dries fast and also clear. The needle tip cap is perfect for applying glue to small pieces. I am sold! Be sure to check it out and the many other fine products from ScraPerfect.

I began my mini journal by recycling a Good Season Dressing box, I trimmed down to the size I wanted. I then covered the box with pattern paper, using The Best Glue Ever, of course! After covering the inside, I inked all edges for a worn look. I turned my attention to the cover and embellished it, with a sentiment and a few cogs and gears.

I cut my pages for the inside and made two sets of five. I then used a easy binding method I discovered, and hope my photos explain how to do it.

Cut your string, ribbon, floss, with enough length to make a larks head knot, and enough to tied in a knot in the middle of of the pages, times how many sets you want to include in your journal. I added two. Tie a larks head knot on the right side and the left side of the gear.

Add two additional pieces of string, repeating the steps above. You will have a cog with 2 sets of 2 pieces of string on both sides.

Place your set of pages inside the journal, place the cog with strings on the outside spine, pull the string into the center of set of pages and tie in a tight knot. Repeat with the other set of pages and trim strings.

Add the second set of pages to complete the journal.

Thank You for visiting and as always I appreciate your kind comments

What is your favorite style of paper crafting?

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