Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How to Use Your Own Handwriting On a Scrapbook Page.

Hello and welcome to the blog - Shelly with you today creating a border and using my own handwriting (yikes!)

I have created my photo border out of various laces and trims.  The No Clog Writing Cap allows me to create a precision line of adhesive just where I need it -- and because the Best Glue Ever dries completely clear, I don't have to worry about my dried adhesive or stains showing through my trims and laces.  One of my favorite features of this glue is that it stays very tacky while it dries and I am able to get my trims in the perfect position before it dries permanently.

But the No Clog Cap is for more than just glue!!  Think of any of your liquid craft supplies that are in a bottle - - paints, resins, stains, glazes, lubricants, masking fluids - the cap comes in different sizes to fit a myriad of different product bottles.  Be sure to check out this video for more info:   Video Introduction to the "No Clog Writing Cap".

Of course I used Embellie Gellie to apply my smaller pieces to this layout - - it picks up both tiny flat sequins and my bulky 3D resin shapes and releases both with ease on to my layouts.  And do you notice what a small amount of Best Glue Ever I am using to attach embellishments - I challenge you to try THAT with other adhesives!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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