Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mixed Media Tag by Kim Fuller

Good morning ScraPerfect Fans, Kim here with my next DT project. This time I have created a vintage inspired mixed media tag, which is also done with some upcycling!
I used some old packaging from Prima for the base of my tag. The packaging is sturdy cardboard and makes a great base for adding layers, paint and embellishments.

I layered some vintage book paper, fabric and lace on my tag, and used The Best Glue Ever to hold it all down. Of course I used my No Clog Writing Cap which is always on my glue bottle!

I added a Tim Holtz Paper doll and some Wings from his Botanical set behind her for a whimsical look.  The Paris Tag has been coffee dyed, as well as the fabric I used to make my flowers I added to the base of the tag.

I added some blue bling and a doily as well as some white paint splatters to finish off the tag.

I hope you like my project today, don't forget to check out ScraPerfect!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How To Foil Using The Best Glue Ever

Hey there!
Lisa back with you today sharing a layout that I used Transfer Foils, the Perfect Crafting Pouch and the Best Glue Ever on. This photo is of my kids and I a few years back on Mother's Day:

This "Mother's day" die cut was on my desk from a previous layout I did. I gathered my supplies:

I added the Best Glue Ever to the die cut using a brush and my finger. I let the glue dry for about 15 minutes, when it was at in a tacky state:

I placed the Orange Transfer Foil, foil side up, on the top part of the word:

Then placed the Teal Transfer Foil on the bottom half. Using my fingers, I rubbed the foil. Then gently peeled the foil off:

Once I removed the foil, I repeated in spots where I wanted more. This was only necessary on the teal part, since I  did not have a full sheet of foil. Because I used a textured cardstock, I ended up with a distressed look to the foiling. I love it!
Finally, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to remove any sticky residue:

Here is my final result:

I love how shiny and distressed it looks!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How to Decorate a Tote Bag

I always had different kinds of glue for different kinds of materials an projects, until I tried The Best Glue Ever. It simply works with every material you can imagine. It's strong, transparent and never clogs!

I embellished this tote using The Best Glue Ever to adhere all my embellishments. There are many kinds of materials in this project: fabric, plastic, paper, leather, feather, felt and glass. The Best Glue Ever had no problem gluing them all to the tote! I even created glue dots by making small dots of glue on a sticker backing paper and using them to adhere the small beads and flower centers.

- Einat

Monday, February 25, 2019

Delightful Mixed Media Card How To With Best Glue Ever

Hello creative friends!
Welcome to the ScraPerfect blog.

Michelle here today sharing how to create a delightful mixed media card
with layers of lace, flowers & chipboard,
all put together using
Best Glue Ever along with a No-Clog Writing Cap.

For this card you will need:
Card Base
Patterned Paper
Title/Quote Sticker or Tile
Double Sided Foam Adhesive Squares

Best Glue Ever

No-Clog Writing Cap

For my card, I chose a 6x6 square base. I then cut the first layered of printed cardstock to a 5x5 square, followed by the next square layer, cut to a 4x4 square.

Next I used Double Sided Foam Adhesive Squares, secured each using the Best Glue Ever, and added the main layers of the card together.

I fussy cut the vine from the patterned paper and secured it in then same manner, adding an additional layer and point of interest to my card.

The following layers, consisted of adding lace, flowers & floral designed chipboard.

I secured each into place using Best Glue Ever applied with a No-Clog Writing Cap, using just the precise amount of glue to each piece, the golden rule is "waste not, want not" 😉

The results in using Best Glue and the No-Clog Writing Cap, made absolute perfection of the layers on the finished card design.

Thanks so much for your visit today. While you are here, be sure to check out the variety of projects in the galleries, created by the talented ScraPerfect Design Team, using innovative products from the ScraPerfect product family!

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Be Crafty!!!!!

Michelle Wells

Sunday, February 24, 2019

How to Make FOUR FANTASTIC Card tips in a Video Tutorial

Amy Here, with a card making video tutorial!

Learn to make little printed tags on your computer, how to adhere acetate invisibly with the Best Glue Ever, find cool images without buying a stamp, and about a fantastic recycled alternative to foam tape.  Quick. Easy. Cheap and just brilliant!

(Thanks DT lead, Penny, for the foam tape alternative idea!)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

How to Make a Two Page Sister Layout. (video)

Good morning fellow crafters Penny here today to show you the two page pre-made layout I made for a sister.

For page one, I used several different shades of purple, and a floral purple/  Purple being my mother's favorite color since these layouts will be going in her scrapbook. This page included several items that the glue had previously failed on them from when they had been purchased including the buttons, and paper flowers. It also included some hard to stick super think twill type ribbon, and some purple bling strips without any previous glue at all applied to the back of the strip. Keep scrolling for page 2.

In order to correct these issues I had to reapply or apply for the first time a better, and stronger glue. That is when I reached for the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

This glue with the added No clog writing caps was the perfect solution for all the the gluing needs for these embellishments and paper. 

If by chance I managed to get glue where I didn't want it and I needed the glue to lose it's tackiness, I could easily correct this problem with this Perfect Crafting Pouch.  This pouch is normally used to make your stamping projects a breeze, but it will also remove the tackiness from any out of place glue to keep your layouts from being sticky where you don't want them to be. (To learn more about the wonder uses of this product click here for the instructional video. )

Page 2 of this layout

You will notice it also included more of the twill ribbon, assorted bling / gems, and a selection of quotes and journaling areas.  These layouts were super easy, and would be easy to remake for your beloved sister as well. 
Again Page 1 \

For the large photo frame on this page, I only glued 3 sides of the photo mat so that it would be possible to slip a photo behind the photo mat. Super easy, but cute tip. 

 Page 2.  Enlarged Quotes 

Well I hope you had a great time following along today and until next time "happy scrapping" ! Love Penny 

Friday, February 22, 2019

How to Create Beautiful Foiled Cards Without a Laminator.

Hi everyone, Ginny here, today I am making a card using foil and texture - without a laminator.  I love the look of foil on cards and am enjoying exploring this medium.  But I'm pretty lazy as a card maker and I don't want to purchase a machine or use my laminator to do the foiling. I am more than willing to use what I have on hand and that seems to be working very well.

Here is the card and if you are interested, the directions and product list will follow!

What you will need for this project:
Best Glue Ever
Perfect Crafting Pouch
Transfer Foils
Favorite Stamp
Ink/Coloring Toys
Basic Card Making Supplies
Embossing Machine

I select the stamp I want to use for the project, Todays' will be a sympathy card.
Picked out papers to work with the image
Foil color of choice - Silver

My foils are from ScrapPerfect, I find they are precut to the right size for my card making and come in beautiful color assortments.

Embossing folder, Embossing machine:

Here is my embossed paper
  The next step is to simply lightly rub a little Best Glue Ever over the raised embossed area and lay the foil (shiny side up) on top and lightly rub over with a tissue.  I let it dry.  Actually, I just cooked supper at this point. an hour later I gently lifted the foil:
 And I had a beautiful foiled surface; The trick is to let the glue dry! With the BGE, you don't need a separate foiling medium! One less thing occupying desk real estate!

This is the sheet after I pulled it off, This beautiful foil sheet will become a background on another card! Unfortunately, this is hard to photo!

Coloring for the image - I take my time doing this part and I enjoy doing those swatches.  They become a super reference for things in the future.  And I do use a color wheel.  I feel like I have good color sense but I am always working on enhancing my color use.  For this card, I fussy cut the stamped image by hand.

Again I hand cut a black border to give a contrasting definition with the strong background patterns.

right before I place my images on the card face, I give the card a light swipe with my perfect crafting pouch.  This will cause any glue not covered by the foil to stop sticking - I don't want my card sticking in the envelope!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you are like me at all you sometimes have to push yourself to try something new! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ginny M - DT ScraPerfect