Thursday, January 10, 2019

Paper Piecing Bookmark with Tricky Embellishments

Good morning ScraPerfect friends! Chelsea here to share a bookmark project I created using paper piecing and embellishments. 

Supplies Needed : 

Best Glue Ever
Embellie Gellie 
Cardstock and Pattern Paper
Brads and Embellishments
Optional: Sewing Needle or Safety Pin, Piece of Cork

Step 1 : Attaching paper piecing letters. Dot your BGE sparingly on the back of each paper piecing letter. Using your Embellie Gellie pick up your BGE'd letter and flip it over. Now, using the Embellie Gellie move it into place. I love the BGE in combo with Embellie Gellie when paper piecing because the BGE gives you enough wiggle room to get your piecing perfectly aliened

Step 2 : Attaching brads. At this stage you will want to add your brads to your pattern paper. Make a small hole through your project using a sewing needle or opened safety pin to make sure everything lines up and your brad will be in the correct place. (You may want to use a piece of cork so you don't stick your finger with the sharp object when coming through the back side of your pattern paper.) Plus, by using a sewing needle or opened safety pin to make a small hole it is easier to poke the brad through your pattern paper. Once brads are in place you will notice the weight of the pattern paper is much heavier. Don't fret. With the BGE we can ensure a quick and steady hold. Apply the BGE thinly over the entire back of your decorated pattern paper. Let dry clear and adhere your decorated pattern paper to your cardstock base.

Step 3: Finishing touches. To complete this bookmark I used 2 flower embellishments. Apply your BGE to the back of your embellishment and let dry clear. Once clear, attach your embellishment to your project. Using a hole punch to punch a hole or a box cutter knife to make a small slit through your project and thread your piece ribbon through it. Tie a loose knot in your ribbon to secure it so it does not slip back out of the hole.


Your bookmark is complete! Thanks for stopping by.  Remember, we love to see your work! Share in the comment below or on our facebook page!

Chelsesa :)

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