Friday, January 11, 2019

How to Create a Girl Scout Mini Book

A couple of years ago it was the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, and there's some special patches that can be earned just this year.  I put together a mini book for my daughter with activities from working on these patches. The Best Glue Ever was invaluable - it's strong enough to hold heavy embroidered patches with little effort

I took each patch and placed a line of glue around the inside edge and added a few squiggles in the center. Then I set it aside for the glue to dry and get tacky.

Once the glue dried, I simply placed the patches on the page - and it worked beautifully! A minibook is great place for those extra patches. I added photos taken from troop activities this year, such as cookie sales and our spring encampment.


I even used the Best Glue Ever to make a pocket. I cut up a photo protector from American Crafts. I bought a package that holds multiple 4x6 photos.  I made a very thin line around the edge of the protector and used my finger to lightly spread the glue. It dries almost instantly, but better yet dries perfectly clear.

And I now have clear pockets to add more memorabilia, such as tags and crafts from meetings. The bottom one is a "cootie catcher" that we made.  Pockets are great because they don't permanently adhere your memorabilia in your book - so it can be taken out and enjoyed again & again.

- Deborah

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