Saturday, January 12, 2019

Beautifully Unusual: Tile Pendant Made With ScraPerfect

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Michelle here to share with you my latest 
dt project using the innovative products of ScraPerfect.

We all have done it, gone into hardware stores and picked out those paint sample cards, and tile & countertop samples. I have seen paint sample cards used in paper crafting.
But have you ever used a countertop tile in a creative way?
Well, this is a first for me.

And I just love how I turned this "unusual" piece turned into a beautiful pendant!

For this project I used:
Antique Brass Chain
Brass Eye Pins
Mixed Metal Gear Embellishments
Affirmation Beads
Ceramic Beads
Blue Apatite Beads (natural)
Silver Beads
Countertop Tile Sample
Double Sided Tape
Craft Stick 

Products from ScraPerfect:
Best Glue Ever

Best Cleaner Ever

Perfect Crafting Pouch

No-Clog Writing Cap

Transfer Foils

To begin, I removed the manufacturer sticker from the back of the countertop tile card using the Best Cleaner Ever. I used a liberal amount, as I have had this card sample for a couple of years, and it was STUCK!

After waiting 5 minutes, I easily removed the sticker, and because of the porosity of the card, I did use some alcohol to completely remove any of the cleaner left behind.

Next, because I wanted a very distressed look, I added double sided tape to the card back to apply the Transfer Foil using a craft stick to transfer.
I also added it to the sides and around the outer edge to the tile front.

Once the foil was in place, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to remove any 
excessive tape tack that may still be exposed.

Using the Best Glue Ever, along with a No-Clog Writing Cap, I applied the metal embellishments to the tile, and sat aside while assembling the rest of the necklace.

Once I had set the ceramic and natural beads into place, I attached the pendant, and added a charm cross and crown to dangle from the top of the pendant.

I loved using the natural beads with coordinating ceramic beads, which perfectly matched the color of the tile card sample.
 A lovely result!

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