Sunday, December 2, 2018

How to Create Snowy Tree Ornaments with Sparkle

I found a DIY ornament idea on Pinterest that looked simple and elegant.  Decided to re-create the project for my annual ornament exchange.

I am not going to lie, my first attempts at these ornaments were definite "Pinterest Fails"!  I share my outtakes and rejects at the end of this post - just to "keep it real"! These were A LOT of work.

This is a MESSY project - my suggestion - do it outdoors or lay down a plastic table cloth that you can throw away


Make it:

  •  Splash a small amount of floor polish inside glass ornament and swish around, turn ornament upside down over a bowl to drain out excess floor polish
  • Drop mica flakes inside ornament and shake around until you get desired coverage
  • Set aside to dry

  • Unscrew wood base from trees and discard
  • Trim about 1" from bottom of tree, then dab bottom of tree center with Best Glue Ever to prevent all of the needles from falling off.  If you are using super mini trees, there is no need to trim.
  • Using a foam brush, lightly coat bottle brush trees with Best Glue Ever (do not brush, just dab or you will end up with glue splattered over everything! Lesson Learned!)

  • Once ornaments and trees are completely dry, it's time to assemble the ornaments
  • Push your tree into ornament, tip first - you may need to use the end of a pencil to help insert it through the narrow neck
  • With tweezers, adjust tree to sit how you desire
  • Spray a small amount of Best Cleaner Ever on to the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and get rid of excess floor polish, glitter and other debris from your ornament

  • Apply a small amount of Best Glue Ever (using the No ClogWriting Cap) inside the ornament cap and install on ornament
  • Trim a piece of plaid ribbon and tie around ornament cap (I suggest using a small amount of Best Glue Ever to hold the ribbon in place)
  • Optional:  add jingle bell to ribbon

 Pinterest Fails

As promised, here are some of my fails:

Thanks for stopping by - have a creative week!


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