Friday, October 12, 2018

How To Spruce Up Wedding Decor With ScraPerfect

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Michelle here today, sharing with you how I brought new life to 
a gently used stainless steel cake stand,
to be used at my baby brothers upcoming wedding.

Using the FABULOUS ScraPerfect products:

Best Cleaner Ever

Best Glue Ever

Perfect Cleaning Cloth

No-Clog Writing Cap

When a couple is trying to be cost effective for their wedding reception, 
keeping decor low-key, and going with what you may already have 
seems to be a wise way to go.

I had recently acquired a stainless steel cake stand from a business that had closed. Strong, sturdy, a few scratches sure, but still a great investment for one who hosts family gatherings quite often.

But no matter how much hot soap and scrubbing, there was this outer ring of residue that just wouldn't come off.

I really wanted to use this stand to put their wedding cake on, 
as it matches perfectly with the stainless "antique" designed trays that cupcakes will be served on.

So I decided to use ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever.
I applied a few squirts around the entire "residued" area, and gently used my fingers to work the cleaner on the surface, then let it sit about 45 minutes.

And as you see, no more residue!

And it is PERFECTLY safe to use on serveware, cookware & more because
it is:

I then washed with some warm soap & water, dried with a soft white terry cloth towel, and finished by buffing the entire cake stand, top and stand, with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and it turned out beautifully.

The next step, was adding embellishments to the stand. Their wedding theme is kind of a simple/vintage/rustic theme.
In my stash, I have this gorgeous lace, that has nearly a vinyl like feel, so this to me was the perfect addition.

I used precise doll-ups of ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever, using the 
No-Clog Writing Cap, around the outer circumference of the top of the cake stand.

Once it had set for about 5 minutes, to a good tack, I began adding the lace, followed by jute & dangling initial hearts.
All finished Best Glue Ever.

What a way to stay with a vintage inspired theme, and in such a thrifty way.

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