Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Got A Crafty Mess? Reach For Best Cleaner Ever

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Michelle here today to share a very quick & easy way 
to clean up your next crafty mess....
grab ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever!

After finishing a recent canvas project,
not only was my craft mat a mess, but I had managed 
to make a mess off the mat too.

What a mess!

With just a few squirts of Best Cleaner Ever,
I was able to clean the mess
in less than 5 minutes!

After spraying my craft mat & table surface
with Best Cleaner Ever,
I spread BCE over all the gelato, and ink mess.

And as quick as grabbing paper towels,
Best Cleaner Ever had loosened all the gunk
and using only a dry paper towel, I was able to easily remove
the leftover mess.

In an instant, my mat & table was perfectly clean
and completely was mess free.

Did you know Best Cleaner Ever is Eco Friendly?
And there are no harsh chemicals, no harmful fumes,
and it is biodegradable too!

Best Cleaner Ever is not only for crafty messes either. 
I have personally used BCE
to remove stubborn stains from delicate material to 
stubborn ink stains on my hands, even hair color stain
from around my hairline.
Check out my previous post on how I did this.


Do you have ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever
in your home?
If not, I encourage you to get some for yourself today!

What are you waiting for?
Just visit the ScraPerfect online store at:

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Be sure to check out the ScraPerfect galleries to 
see how design team members have used Best Cleaner Ever themselves, as well as the other completely innovative product line from ScraPerfect.

Michelle Wells

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