Saturday, May 12, 2018

Quick And Easy Way To Add Tack To A Cutting Mat

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Michelle here to share a quick and easy way to add tack
to your cutting machine mats. And an easy way to clean up too.

To give extended life to the tack of cutting mat's, please see Amy's video of a full cutting mat restoration at the link here, which is featured on 
ScraPerfect's YouTube Channel.

For my quick version (as I was in a pinch with time) I cheated a little.
All you need for this project is:
Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Tip
Best Cleaner Ever
Silicone Craft Tool or Silicone Spatula 
Water Bottle
Paper Towels
Heat Tool

The first thing I did, is used a wipe to wipe the surface of the mat, for a "cleaner surface" to apply a new layer of tack. I then let it air dry a few minutes before moving to the next step.

My mat, is a Cricut mat, and has grid squares, so I applied the Best Glue Ever using the No-Clog Writing Cap, dropping two drops per each square on the mat.

I then lightly spritzed the entire mat LIGHTLY with water, and proceeded to spread the dampened glue over the entire grid surface of the mat using my silicone craft tool.

I then set the glue/water blend using my heat tool, at a good distance away from the mat as I did not want to warp or melt the mat.

I then repeated the entire process, and my mat has a good, strong solid tack, good for quite a few uses until I can use Amy's method to completely restore.

And the clean up? No problem. 
I used the Best Cleaner Ever, and gave a couple of squirts to each side of my silicone tool, let it sit for few minutes, and then used a wipe to remove the Best Glue Ever, safely & effectively.

The Best Cleaner Ever contains zero harsh chemicals or fragrance, is skin safe and very eco friendly.

So, if you are going to create a card or project with your cutting machine, and your mat has lost its tack, you now have TWO options to save money & time, in adding tack back to your mat.

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Michelle Renee Wells

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