Thursday, May 31, 2018

"I thought it wouldn't work...", said Sonya!

Hi All-
Amy Here with a customer concern "concern" about the Best Glue Ever™. Because you might have this problem on e day, I thought I'd share the story.

Phone # (in case we can't reach you via email)403- xxx-xxxx
What Time Zone are you in?Mountain
SubjectToo thick
MessageHi I have 4 bottles of this because I like the glue but my glue is half full and it gotten really thick .I can't get it to come out of any of the bottles .Is there something to fix this ? I bought this glue because it said this would not happen . thanks sonya

I asked Sonya if I could publish her experience and asked her to send a photo. She also sent this one which she said was a joke, but I think she is beautiful and the photo was absolutely adorable. So this is Sonya!
Dear Sonya,
While it may thicken a little over time, it isn't typically enough to stop it from coming out. (There’s even a comment on one of our videos from a user who has a SIX YEAR OLD bottle and she's still loving it.) I leave the cap off the whole time I craft and I actually have a bad habit of leaving the cap off often for days. ( I actually prefer it after it's about halfway gone and a little thicker.)

I THEN SUGGESTED: You can add water to the bottle, but do so in drops not teaspoons as a little bit of water really thins it out a lot. Also, I suggest making sure the tip is clear. (It is better to pull the little “glue goober” out with your fingernails rather than push it in with a pin")

I REASSURED HER: I hope it doesn’t sound like I don’t believe you or that I don’t want to help. I just want to reassure you that I would be totally shocked if the glue is actually dried up too much fro use and I think these solutions will help:) I’m going to call you, too, but in case I don't reach you, please feel free to call 866 644 4435.


Howdy Amy
Have to tell you when I first got this returned email, I thought that is not going to work because it was so thick but guess what it did work. So I shook it and then I left the bottles upside down for about a day or two and then I did what you suggested and ...It worked perfectly!...

thank you thank you so much!!! 

I thought it very strange because I've used this glue for a few years now. I love this glue and I really appreciate the awesome customer service.



KT Fit Kitty said...

I want this glue! I need this glue!

Penny said...

I have done this myself when I left the lid off for over a week by mistake, but Amy is right a little bit of water goes a LONG way! Penny