Sunday, May 6, 2018

How to Make a Pretty Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day is a week away! Are you ready? Well, grab your prettiest patterned paper and let's make a card!

For this card I rummaged through my paper scraps and found this vellum paper with silver hearts as well as some My Mind's Eye "My Story" paper. I am a firm believer in saving money by using up scraps and when I make cards that's my go-to pile.  To start I trimmed both pieces of paper to match and grabbed the Best Glue Ever.

This glue is perfect for vellum!  I start by applying glue onto the back of the vellum, then using my finger to spread the glue evenly over the entire piece -- the big trick for making the glue invisible is to cover your entire piece of vellum thinly. Once it dries it's virtually invisible.  Check out the last picture -- you can't see the glue!

Next, I wanted to use this piece of ribbon from an old kit.  I started by tying a bow in the middle and making sure it was long enough to wrap around my card.  Since this ribbon is wide, I made two lines of the Best Glue Ever and waited a few minutes for it to dry tacky before laying the ribbon down.

I'm hiding the ends of the ribbon by wrapping it around the pink cardstock and glueing it onto the back using more Best Glue Ever. You can see below where I squiggled a bit of glue, let it dry until tacky, then wrapped both ribbon ends over.

Once this was done I could glue my card section onto my card base made from another piece of cardstock.  Usually I don't use this much glue, however, due to wrapping the ribbon I wanted to make sure the entire piece lay flat against the cardstock base.

Finally, time to add a few embellishments! I grabbed a pack of gold Thickers and a sequin heart.  I added a drop of the Best Glue Ever to the heart, smushed it around with my finger and stuck it under the ribbon. Now all I have to do is get it in the mail....

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ScraPerfect said...

I love this card idea. It's SO simple yet really pretty and easy to adapt to ANY occasion. Thanks for the inspiration!