Thursday, May 31, 2018

"I thought it wouldn't work...", said Sonya!

Hi All-
Amy Here with a customer concern "concern" about the Best Glue Ever™. Because you might have this problem on e day, I thought I'd share the story.

Phone # (in case we can't reach you via email)403- xxx-xxxx
What Time Zone are you in?Mountain
SubjectToo thick
MessageHi I have 4 bottles of this because I like the glue but my glue is half full and it gotten really thick .I can't get it to come out of any of the bottles .Is there something to fix this ? I bought this glue because it said this would not happen . thanks sonya

I asked Sonya if I could publish her experience and asked her to send a photo. She also sent this one which she said was a joke, but I think she is beautiful and the photo was absolutely adorable. So this is Sonya!
Dear Sonya,
While it may thicken a little over time, it isn't typically enough to stop it from coming out. (There’s even a comment on one of our videos from a user who has a SIX YEAR OLD bottle and she's still loving it.) I leave the cap off the whole time I craft and I actually have a bad habit of leaving the cap off often for days. ( I actually prefer it after it's about halfway gone and a little thicker.)

I THEN SUGGESTED: You can add water to the bottle, but do so in drops not teaspoons as a little bit of water really thins it out a lot. Also, I suggest making sure the tip is clear. (It is better to pull the little “glue goober” out with your fingernails rather than push it in with a pin")

I REASSURED HER: I hope it doesn’t sound like I don’t believe you or that I don’t want to help. I just want to reassure you that I would be totally shocked if the glue is actually dried up too much fro use and I think these solutions will help:) I’m going to call you, too, but in case I don't reach you, please feel free to call 866 644 4435.


Howdy Amy
Have to tell you when I first got this returned email, I thought that is not going to work because it was so thick but guess what it did work. So I shook it and then I left the bottles upside down for about a day or two and then I did what you suggested and ...It worked perfectly!...

thank you thank you so much!!! 

I thought it very strange because I've used this glue for a few years now. I love this glue and I really appreciate the awesome customer service.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

How To Get A Crisp Image When Stamping

Hey there ScraPerfect friends!
Lisa back to share another project with you. Today I am sharing a fun graduation card with you.
To get a nice, crisp image when stamping, I always rub my paper with the Perfect Crafting Pouch:

I used embossing ink and stamped my image and then heat set it:

I added 3 different colors of ink, starting with the darkest on the outside and worked my way to the center with the lightest:

Next, I stamped my sentiment on white cardstock after I rubbed the Perfect Crafting Pouch over it to ensure another crisp image. I colored in the letters using a gold glitter marker:

I stitched the sentiment in place. Finally, I took a piece of black cardstock, rolled it up to look like a diploma and then used the Best Glue Ever to hold it. A little bit goes a long way and it adhered super fast!

So the next time you stamp, grab the Perfect Crafting Pouch first!

Friday, May 25, 2018

No Matte Medium? Best Glue Ever To The Rescue!

Hello Crafty Friends!
Welcome to the ScraPerfect blog,
Michelle here with you today, sharing 
how I used Best Glue Ever as a matte medium,
to create a background for a mixed media tag.

I am also sharing tips on using the
Best Cleaner Ever to clean up a sticky mess,
and how the Perfect Crafting Pouch, 
can remove stickiness & tackiness
from your surface.

To begin, I added a liberal dollop of 
Best Glue Ever & added little water 
and mixed with water to turn into
a matte medium.

I then added the mixture to a craft tag
using a soft bristled brush.

Setting the tag aside to dry, I used 
the Best Cleaner Ever to remove 
any Best Glue Ever created matte medium
that may have leaked on to my work surface.

Once the tag had dried, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch, 
lightly tapping it on the surface of the tag
to remove any excessive tackiness.

For the design, I used a torn book
pages, gesso, texture paste, stencils, ink & gelato's,
to create a colorful and textured surface for my tag.

You can also use the Perfect Crating Pouch, 
lightly tapped to the surface of your stamp,
to give a crisper stamping image.

To complete the tag, I used Best Glue Ever to adhere
an additional tag to the back of the designed tag, to add more stability.

I also used Best Glue Ever to add mini stones, paper flowers, paper doily and other elements to the bottom of the tag. Completing the tag, I added a sheer glistening ribbon & butterfly charm to the top of the tag.

Thanks so much for visiting today.

Remember to visit the ScraPerfect online store today
to purchase these innovative products for yourself!

Just follow this link!

Until next time........

Be Crafty!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to Make A Two Page Travel Scrapbook Layout

Good morning crafter's Penny here today I am here to show you what my 2 page scrapbook travel layout looked like when I finished it up. This was page 1.

Here is a closer look at the embellishment cluster. I used ticket stubs, flowers, brads, lot's of pattern paper, and just an assortment of fun items.

To hold all of my embellishments in place till I could decide on what photo I wanted to put here, I used this great glue by ScraPerfect.  It has really earned it's name as the "Best Glue Ever because it's will hold just about everything. Fabric, plastic, metal, you name it I've put it to the test.

Here I am using it to hold these flowers in place until I can get the brad put in.  It would hold the flowers without the brad, but I wanted the extra detail of the brad head in my flower but the flowers kept moving around while lI tried to put in the brad, so I glued them down first.. As you can see I have used this glue so much that I have illiterately worn the bottle's label off.  That is how long just one bottle of glue will last you.  A little bit of this glue goes a LONG, LONG way! 

Page 2 of my travel pages look like this. 

The title of the page was included in the paper kit making it super easy to finish these pages in no time.

And again page 1

And Page 2 

I hope you had fun today! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 

Friday, May 18, 2018

How To Make A Stunning Page With Extra Stars

Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a stunning layout featuring enough extra stars to light up the sky! The blue and white color scheme gives this scrapbook page a crisp tailored look. The gold and blue foiled papers step up the shine factor.
~ Stellar Cast ~
Best Glue Ever, a pressure sensitive adhesive, holds it all together. Whether I am layering with glossy foiled paper or cardstock I reach for ScraPerfect's BGE. Just a little dab, a thin line of glue, and my project is secure. I have no wrinkles, no bleed through, and no hours of dry time.
I started with a large circle which I cut in a spiral pattern. It serves as a frame for the upper corner of my photo mat.
On top of the frame I added a rectangle of white cardstock. I layered that with black foiled paper pitted with star cutouts, and a strip of blue ticking paper.
The lower border of the page are long wedges of the ticking paper and blue foiled paper that I had used a border punch on.
Embossed ebony foiled paper (bordere punched with an additional star pattern) and small squares of blue/gold foiled paper (also star embossed) are layered over the white photo mat.
More foiled paper, this time blue, mats a pair of cardstock "Postcards" and the photo.
My final addition were the foiled paper stars. I used a Momenta die and embossing system for my shapes. Most of the stars I cut from the Ebony Glossy foiled paper I placed under the photo mat. A few were cut from circles I saved from a previous project. I added the stars and their circles, why not!
Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Linda here to share a Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial. Playing with paint is so much fun. This is one of those just have fun projects and it turns into a Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Here is a video of the Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial.

ScraPerfect supplies used in the Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Cap

The process begins with applying various scraps of book pages to a piece of watercolor paper.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

 Pick a few colors of acrylic paint.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Use an old credit card or room key card to spread the paint around.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Select a stencil and use a dauber with white acrylic paint.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Or just swipe the page with white acrylic paint for a different look.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Stamp a few images here and there.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Cut out a heart shape from smaller piece of paper from the mixed media play session.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Adhere the heart on the 4 x 6 mixed media card with the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Assemble the Large No-Clog Writing Cap.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Place the large No-Clog Writing Cap on a bottle of craft acrylic paint.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Use the No-Clog Writing Cap with black acrylic paint to apply a boarder to the heart and random marks to add character to the card.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Apply black acrylic paint to the edges of the card with a sponge brush. Allow to dry.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Stamp sentiment on scrap of cardstock and then cut out. Paint the edges of the sentiment with black acrylic paint and a sponge brush. Allow to dry.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Adhere the sentiment using the Best Glue Ever onto the journal card.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

 A close up of the finished Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card.

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

I love the texture that is on this Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card, don't you?

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

Marvelous Mixed Media Journal Card Tutorial

What ever you do in this world, do follow your heart. Find what makes you happy and pour your heart into doing it the best you can. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Feel free to follow me on my blog for other projects like this one.