Sunday, April 8, 2018

Best Cleaner Ever easily cleans ink from rubber stamps safely and thoroughly

Best Cleaner Ever and clean rubber stamps

Robyn Coburn here, with another guest post.

Gosh, I love the Best Cleaner Ever. It never lets me down. So far I have used it to remove the stain of herbal muck from a white painted wall, clean ink stains from clothes, clean grungy bone folders, clean glue off glass (labels and such), and of course clean up my own sticky fingers after a crafting session with Best Glue Ever.

But by far the most common use I have for it, is cleaning my rubber stamps.

Today it was cleaning pigment ink from stamps. So very black and heavily pigmented, but I wasn't worried for a second.

First I stamped off the excess onto a paper towel.

Then I sprayed and let them sit, for about three minutes  too impatient - two minutes.

Then I stamped onto a wad of paper towel again and did some wiping.

Finally one more little spray and a short sit, and worked the dissolved ink out of the nooks and crannies with my paper towel, until I was satisfied there would be no residual ghost stamping.

Best Cleaner Ever by ScraPerfect

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