Saturday, March 24, 2018

How to Prevent Glitter Glue from Clogging, Drying (Video)

HI All-
Amy Here with a video which will help you STOP wasting money on dried out glitter glues and show you how to write with your acrylic paints even if they have caps made for using brushes. 

This Decoart Twinkles came with a flat opening top, not made for writing, but
ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap changed that!

The cap it came with is fine for using with a brush, but not for writing
Yes, you'll be learning all about ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap, a cap that prevents clogs, won't let the product dry out, and lets you write with non-writing bottles. It is available in THREE sizes to fit (almost) all craft products. (The video says available in two sizes; it was filmed before small cap was available.)

Available in three sizes which fit almost all common craft products!
Just replace the original cap with this four-part cap. 


BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE! Want to save space and more money? 

Use dry glitter with the Best Glue Ever™instead of buying more glitter glue. 
You can have so many different colors less $, and you'll never worry about them drying out. 
PLUS, the Best Glue Ever™ dries so much FASTER than glitter glues! 
(Watch the video to see.)

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