Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Make A Birthday Balloon Sequin Card

Birthday cards are always needed, and why not have a little fun and add a few sequins to it to spice it up, make it that little extra bit of sparkle!

I used the Embellie Gellie to help attach the sequins to the card with the help of the Best Glue Ever with with No Clog Writing Cap since it can give me an extra bead of glue perfect for sequins.  The gellie make it super easy to attach the tiny little embellishments exactly to the spot i wanted to add it to with out being a huge mess.

Check out the video and in the middle is the tutorial for making this card.

Do you like to keep a stash of birthday cards on hand?

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ScraPerfect said...

You gave me an idea for the best of both worlds! I like having cards on hand...but I also LOVE to personalize cards for my recipient. I could make a bunch of cards and leave a dedicated space that will get a computer-printed personalized embellishment (like a balloon or a flower) at a later date.

>>>>GREAT TIP to use the mat grids!!!

Sometimes I like to add a bit of glue even to pre-stuck embellishments which often stick at first but end up falling off.

TIP to TRY: LET the tiny dots of Best Glue Ever have +/- a minute to start to dry. The dots will become VERY sticky and the sequins will almost jump off the Embellie Gellie onto the now tacky glue dots.