Sunday, March 18, 2018

How To Make An Attractive Card With Minute Details

Charity here with an attractive Spring card that is all about the minute die-cut details. The Cutting Dies I used are full of holes. Getting them to stick to my card base took strong glue in small amounts. Best Glue Ever is the only one for the job!
~ Hello Spring ~
 First I placed the peak-a-boo corner and bunny. I folded back the upper right corner of the card blank and pierced to holes. I added a few dots of Best Glue Ever underneath for extra insurance.
 The detailed corner piece and bunny are glued to the corner area with tiny dots of Best Glue Ever. The only way to get dots so tiny is with the No-Clog Writing Cap with 3 cap sizes and 3 tip sizes from ScraPerfect.
 I slipped beading thread through the pierced holes and tied a bow. Next I cut a 1" strip of Jade foiled paper the width of my card. I turned it into grass with Shredding Shears.
I needed the grass blades to move freely. I added a thin strip of Best Glue Ever along the solid edge, once again being most grateful for my No-Clog Writing Cap.
 Placing the large egg exactly where I wanted it meant I had to curl back the tip for more drops of Best Glue Ever.
 Careful placement was necessary because I wanted the grass to overlap the egg without obscuring the letters.
 The purple eggs are heavily perforated so I added drops of Best Glue Ever with the No-Clog Writing Cap.
 A couple butterflies finished off the spring scene. Another shot of this Hello Spring card shows the gloss of the foiled paper.
Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

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