Thursday, March 22, 2018

How To Clean A Stove Top Quick and Easy

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with tips on how to clean a stove top the quick and easy way. One fine day a horrible mark appeared on the enamel between my burners. From a distance it appears to need an extra good washing. 
A closer look shows that my stove top was actually branded with a characteristic shape and font. THE MARK matches the bottom of my cast iron pan. 
The heat from the pan must have imprinted the enamel with the Lodge logo, only in reverse. The oily residue turned a lovely caramel color and decided to stay.
No one will admit when it happened or even who did it. For a year we all have tried to remove the evidence...No luck!
Since I have started as a Team Member at ScraPerfect I have found countless uses for Best Cleaner Ever. From lipstick on napkins to hair dye on skin, BCE has continued to wow me. Why I never tried it on THE MARK I don’t really know.
I sprayed BCE on THE MARK and let it sit 15 minutes. I used a green scratch pad, gave it a good scrub, and watched THE MARK dissolve.
My stove top is once again white and clean...even from a distance!
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