Saturday, March 3, 2018

How to Glue Dried Flowers Easily on Paper Crafts, with Video

Hi All-
Amy here with a short video just for you! The best thing I know to do for a friend awaiting biopsy news is to make her a card to let her know she is loved.

Dried flowers make beautiful paper craft embellishments.

FRUGAL TIP: Save and use any botanical from your next bouquet, a garden shrub, a blooming houseplant, or even weeds. These all make pretty additions! Just let 'em dry before you glue them down. And use the Best Glue Ever™because you only need a very tiny bit to hold it fast to your project, and this is the only adhesive you need as it works with paper, wood, plastic, glitter, vellum ETC, which saves you from buying a ton of different adhesives!!!

However, you do need the right tools to adhere their tiny petals, stems, and leaves, and of course ScraPerfect has you covered with the Best Glue Ever, No-Clog Writing Cap, and Embellie Gellie.

Just remember my BEST gluing tip: USE sparingly! Use as little glue as you can as it will be neater, dry faster, and make your bottle last "forever**".

Watch the video to see for yourself and really, use your own dried botanicals!

** Al Lee recently wrote a comment on a different video: Do you Use this Little Amount of Glue?, This literally is the best glue ever! I still have my bottle of glue and it's been 6 years!!!".

BTW, do YOU use that little amount of glue???