Sunday, March 25, 2018

Creative Mini Journals Made Easy With ScraPerfect

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Michelle here with you today to share a recent project,
using the the terrific trio of Best Glue Ever, No Clog Writing Cap
the Perfect Crafting Pouch,
 to put together these cute mini journals,
which are perfect for little trinkets & keeping little memory notes.

For this project you need:
Copy Paper
Scraps of Scrapbook Paper
Ribbon, Twine or Jute
Paper Clips
Ink Pad
Inking Tool
Bone Folder

From ScraPerfect:
Best Glue Ever
No Clog Writing Cap
Perfect Crafting Pouch

I had learned this project technique from the fabulous artist Marta Lapkowska, I can not take credit for it, but have found them quite addictive to make.

To begin, I took a standard 8x11.5 sheet of copy paper and used it as the base for each journal.

Step One:
Fold the copy paper in half.

Step Two:
Fold in half again.

Step Three:
Fold in half one last time.

*Use a bone folder to make crisp creases with each fold.

Step Four
Unfold the paper.
(you should have 8 rectangles creased into the paper)

Step Five:
Fold the paper long ways, and with scissors, snip the 2 inner rectangles on the center crease.

Step Six:
Gently grab each end of the still folded lengthwise paper, using very little effort, push ends towards each other until an open diamond forms in the center cut. From this point fold it all together to form a tiny book.

Next, let your imagination go in choosing style, paper, theme, what ever you prefer.

I chose vintage & outdoors/travel styles & theme.

This is a great way to use up some paper scraps that you may have laying around. That is what I used, 

And with the Best Glue Ever & No-Clog Writing Cap putting it all together was a breeze.

With the No-Clog Writing Cap, I was able to easily control the amount of glue I used. And the Best Glue Ever, well a little goes a real long way as you can see by the photos below.

I used Best Glue Ever & No-Clog Writing Cap to glue the covers, pages & even the small flower embellishments.

And if by chance, I used a bit too much glue, that is okay. Once the BGE surfaces had cured, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch, tapped lightly, to remove and stickiness that may have been left exposed.

They turned out quite lovely.

And there you have it. 

Try ScraPerfect  
"terrific trio" for your next crafting project!

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