Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to Make Custom Invitations: Easy, Brilliant Ideas (video)

Hi All, Amy here with a video of a DIY Invitation session mass producing invites for and with my friend and her daughter. You'll see many unique ideas plus some money-saving tips and ideas to get more from your supplies.

For special friends, when I offer the gift of "Personalized Invitations" or "Thank You" cards they are overjoyed! They look professional but handmade and unique, are fun to make, and my friends love to see the designs they've been helping to design come to life... while saving a TON of money!




Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to use stamped vellum tags in a super-easy all-occasion card design

Three cards with stamped vellum tags and fussy cut sticker clip art

Robyn Coburn, guest designer, here with another super-easy all-occasion card set. 

For general use through the year, I like to have a bunch of handmade cards at the ready, so when I see a nice blank set with a simple design, I will snap it up. I got a set of eight blank cards + envelopes, with a black and white leafy design, from the Dollar Tree. (Oops - sorry no before photo.)

I had some vellum tags in pastel colors, another Target dollar bin find. I didn’t know what to do with them, until I realized that one design from a new stamp set would fit – just. Stamping on vellum can be tricky, unless you know our trick, which is to give them a light swipe with the PerfectCrafting Pouch first. I used the Little Pouch which was the right size for these small tags. Then the stamped images came out perfectly sharp and dark.
Three stamped vellum tags

I cut up a couple of sheets from an 8x8 stack into smaller pieces to layer on to my card bases. I inked the edges lightly, just because I like to, then this time used a fun washi tape from my stash as a featured border. Now comes the slightly time-consuming part, fussy cutting some vintage sticker “clip-art” images that my mother-in-law passed on to me a while ago. I was inspired to use them by the black and white design on the card base, which then became the border of the cards.
Card pieces with washi tape border and inked edges

Since I was layering, I could make a hole and attach the vellum tags with some cute tiny button brads in coordinating colors, which picked up the colors in the washi tape. The final touch was a sentiment sticker from some sheets in my stash.
One of the completed cards

Then I adhered the panel to the cards with tiny spots Best Glue Ever along the edge. A quick stamp on the back of the envelopes for the final touch, and here were 8 cards ready to go (and a quick stamp clean up with Best Cleaner Ever.)

More finished tags with stamped vellum tags and clip art

Finished cards with stamped vellum and clip art images

Eight finished cards with vellum tags, vintage images, sentiments on a decorated mantel.
All lined up

Products used:

Hampton Art Graphic 45 Cling Stamps – Midnight Masquerade
Craft Smart Dye Ink Pad
Color Box Cat’s Eye Pigment Ink set
DCWV The Luxury Stack (8 x 8)
7 Gypsies themed words and sayings sticker sheets
Dollar Tree Cards and Envelopes set
Vellum Tags from Target
Washi tape, button brads, and vintage clip art sticker sheet from my stash

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Using the Best Glue Ever to Create a Card

Lisa here to share a fun birthday card I created using the Best Glue Ever along with the No Clog Writing Cap. These two are my most favorite from ScraPerfect! Love them!

When creating a card, I usually add at least a few layers. These layers are held together by none other than, the Best Glue Ever.

Here's my card:

I created my base using a piece of  patterned paper and added 2 strips of patterned paper along with a fussy cut banner. I added some of the Best Glue Ever to the doily:

Only a little bit is needed. You can see that the No Clog Writing Cap creates a fine line of glue:

I adhered the doily and then wanted to add a sticker. I usually add the Best Glue Ever to stickers, just to make sure they stick.

Remember, just a thin line is all you need:

I added a bit of the glue under this diecut:

and also on the foam I added to pop up my banners:

Finally I added a bit to the bodies of my butterflies. When dry, you can pull up a bit on the wings to add some dimension to your card:

Finally I secured my card to the base using the Best Glue Ever:

Thanks for sharing your day with us!
Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Creative Mini Journals Made Easy With ScraPerfect

Hello there!
Welcome to the ScraPerfect blog.

Michelle here with you today to share a recent project,
using the the terrific trio of Best Glue Ever, No Clog Writing Cap
the Perfect Crafting Pouch,
 to put together these cute mini journals,
which are perfect for little trinkets & keeping little memory notes.

For this project you need:
Copy Paper
Scraps of Scrapbook Paper
Ribbon, Twine or Jute
Paper Clips
Ink Pad
Inking Tool
Bone Folder

From ScraPerfect:
Best Glue Ever
No Clog Writing Cap
Perfect Crafting Pouch

I had learned this project technique from the fabulous artist Marta Lapkowska, I can not take credit for it, but have found them quite addictive to make.

To begin, I took a standard 8x11.5 sheet of copy paper and used it as the base for each journal.

Step One:
Fold the copy paper in half.

Step Two:
Fold in half again.

Step Three:
Fold in half one last time.

*Use a bone folder to make crisp creases with each fold.

Step Four
Unfold the paper.
(you should have 8 rectangles creased into the paper)

Step Five:
Fold the paper long ways, and with scissors, snip the 2 inner rectangles on the center crease.

Step Six:
Gently grab each end of the still folded lengthwise paper, using very little effort, push ends towards each other until an open diamond forms in the center cut. From this point fold it all together to form a tiny book.

Next, let your imagination go in choosing style, paper, theme, what ever you prefer.

I chose vintage & outdoors/travel styles & theme.

This is a great way to use up some paper scraps that you may have laying around. That is what I used, 

And with the Best Glue Ever & No-Clog Writing Cap putting it all together was a breeze.

With the No-Clog Writing Cap, I was able to easily control the amount of glue I used. And the Best Glue Ever, well a little goes a real long way as you can see by the photos below.

I used Best Glue Ever & No-Clog Writing Cap to glue the covers, pages & even the small flower embellishments.

And if by chance, I used a bit too much glue, that is okay. Once the BGE surfaces had cured, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch, tapped lightly, to remove and stickiness that may have been left exposed.

They turned out quite lovely.

And there you have it. 

Try ScraPerfect  
"terrific trio" for your next crafting project!

For the products used in this project and so much more, visit the ScraPerfect online store at:

Thanks so much for visiting today.

While here, take a look through the galleries
and see many more creative projects & helpful tips
by the talented ScraPerfect Design Team.

Until next time............................

Saturday, March 24, 2018

How to Prevent Glitter Glue from Clogging, Drying (Video)

HI All-
Amy Here with a video which will help you STOP wasting money on dried out glitter glues and show you how to write with your acrylic paints even if they have caps made for using brushes. 

This Decoart Twinkles came with a flat opening top, not made for writing, but
ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap changed that!

The cap it came with is fine for using with a brush, but not for writing
Yes, you'll be learning all about ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap, a cap that prevents clogs, won't let the product dry out, and lets you write with non-writing bottles. It is available in THREE sizes to fit (almost) all craft products. (The video says available in two sizes; it was filmed before small cap was available.)

Available in three sizes which fit almost all common craft products!
Just replace the original cap with this four-part cap. 


BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE! Want to save space and more money? 

Use dry glitter with the Best Glue Ever™instead of buying more glitter glue. 
You can have so many different colors less $, and you'll never worry about them drying out. 
PLUS, the Best Glue Ever™ dries so much FASTER than glitter glues! 
(Watch the video to see.)

Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Make a Pre Made Little Girl's Scrapbook Layout.

Good morning fellow crater's Penny here today to show you how to make a pre made little girl's scrapbook page. 

I had two missions for this layout.  First and foremost was to make some easy pre-made layouts that could be used by a novice scrapbooker since this album was going to be donated to charity. Second find a way to use up the ton of 8 1/2 x 11 papers I had been hoarding for years.

So I started with my favorite glue! The Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.  This glue is fantastic for all forms of paper, fabric, metal, wood, and tons of other materials. 

In this photo you can see I am gluing this butterfly embellishment to a butterfly die cut. This glue has no problems going from cloth to paper. Super easy. 

In this photo you can see how it also holds gems, and magnetic quotes in place. In order to get those gems just where I want them I used the Embellie Gellie tool perfect for holding and placing those tiny embellishments just where you want them to go. In the above photo you'll also notice that my glue bottle has a No Clog Writing Cap added to it. That let's me place glue in even the smallest areas with no hassle, or messy clean up, and also save's me money because I am not wasting glue constantly. 

In this next photos you see how this glue goes from paper to ribbon.  This makes my job so much easier since I don't have the hassle of finding a different glue for each different kind of material.

 Once again a super easy layout, that can be copied by even a novice scrapper.

Till next time happy scrapping. Love Penny 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

How To Clean A Stove Top Quick and Easy

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with tips on how to clean a stove top the quick and easy way. One fine day a horrible mark appeared on the enamel between my burners. From a distance it appears to need an extra good washing. 
A closer look shows that my stove top was actually branded with a characteristic shape and font. THE MARK matches the bottom of my cast iron pan. 
The heat from the pan must have imprinted the enamel with the Lodge logo, only in reverse. The oily residue turned a lovely caramel color and decided to stay.
No one will admit when it happened or even who did it. For a year we all have tried to remove the evidence...No luck!
Since I have started as a Team Member at ScraPerfect I have found countless uses for Best Cleaner Ever. From lipstick on napkins to hair dye on skin, BCE has continued to wow me. Why I never tried it on THE MARK I don’t really know.
I sprayed BCE on THE MARK and let it sit 15 minutes. I used a green scratch pad, gave it a good scrub, and watched THE MARK dissolve.
My stove top is once again white and clean...even from a distance!
Stop by ScraPerfect online to purchase Best Cleaner Ever for yourself. While you’re there do a bit of snooping. We have all kinds of clever products!!!

Scrap On!


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Make A Birthday Balloon Sequin Card

Birthday cards are always needed, and why not have a little fun and add a few sequins to it to spice it up, make it that little extra bit of sparkle!

I used the Embellie Gellie to help attach the sequins to the card with the help of the Best Glue Ever with with No Clog Writing Cap since it can give me an extra bead of glue perfect for sequins.  The gellie make it super easy to attach the tiny little embellishments exactly to the spot i wanted to add it to with out being a huge mess.

Check out the video and in the middle is the tutorial for making this card.

Do you like to keep a stash of birthday cards on hand?