Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This is how good the no clog writing cap is!

     Good Morning Friends!  It's Lyne here with your today to show you just how good the No Clog Writing Cap is!
     I was creating a layout with my niece's newborn photos the other day and I cut the strip of paper I wanted to use on the bottom of my layout just 1/16 of an inch to short. I didn't want to waste another piece as I had a scrap.  The no clog writing cap allowed me to place just enough glue without causing a mess on my desk.
     I also wanted to place the smallest sliver of aqua paper on top of the pink strip to bring that color to another place on the layout. The No Clog Writing Cap again allowed me to place exactly the amount of glue I needed.
     Can you tell how tiny that piece of paper is?  It is also about 1/16 of an inch wide.  It gave just the pop I needed and it wouldn't have been possible without the cap!
     Tell me...what's your favorite part about the No Clog Writing Cap.

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