Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to remove gum from your dryer!

Hi everyone, Ginny Here. I was very fortunate this year to purchase a new hi-tech dryer and I love it!  All was well until one day when I pulled a load of clothes out and about 20 pieces of gum came out with it.  Thankfully the clothes were fine, but my brand spanking new and expensive dryer was not! UGH !  All I am going to say is I do not chew gum and everyone that lives in this house is over 50 and knows how to check pockets.  I wash, dry and fold and put away, I do not check pockets. Here it is:
                  My new dryer was plastered with gum, it was a big mess and it was baked on

So I thought I'm going to try a little of my Best Cleaner Ever, I gave the intense spots a spray and decided to wait overnight

I used a scraper for my cast iron and pampered chef things and it came off very easily! 

I still have a few more spots to take care of, but I'm really happy I had the Best Cleaner Ever - one more use for this great product!  Thanks for dropping by today, and if this ever happens to you, now you know what you can use to clean it up!
Ginny M - Scraperfect DT

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