Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How To Easily Foil A Cut File

Hey there!
Lisa back today to share a tutorial on how to use the Best Glue Ever along with the Transfer Foils.
Here is the layout I created:

I used watercolors for my background. I added gold foil to the cut file using the Best Glue Ever:

I love using textured cardstock for this technique! I don't work the glue into the textured cardstock so my result is a distressed look:

Here is another piece of the cut file:

Wondering how to get this look?
I applied The Best Glue Ever with a paintbrush to the cut file:

The glue is white when applied but as it dries, it will look clear:

Once it is clear, you can apply the foil. This is so easy and fun to do!

Lay the Transfer Foil on top of the cut file, shiny side up. Rub the foil using your pointer finger:

Carefully peel the foil away. Repeat this process until the cut file is covered:

Once I have the cut file covered with the foil, I take the Perfect Crafting Pouch and rub across the cut file. This gets rid of any sticky residue from the glue:

Here is the finished cut file:

This technique adds so much to a layout and it is so fun to do!