Sunday, February 25, 2018

How To Make a Jewel Toned Foiled Bottle with Best Glue Ever

Hello there, welcome to the ScraPerfect blog. Michelle here with you today, to share my latest project using the innovative products from ScraPerfect, to create a unique jewel toned bottle, inspired by the beautiful jewel tones often found in the patterns of Batik fabric.

For my project, I used a thrift store find, a small corked oil bottle with a handle and spout, ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever, Perfect Crafting Pouch & Transfer Foils.

I first washed and dried the bottle thoroughly, to remove any residue or dust, and used a drizzle of a jewel toned ink mist inside the bottle, swirling it around, so that if any of the bottle would be exposed, there would still be jewel like tone.

Once completely dry, I used clear gesso to serve as a"texture" in order for the Best Glue Ever to permanently adhere to. I also used used a antique bronze texture paste on the spout area & handle.

I chose a 1-part Best Glue Ever to 1-part water ratio, to achieve an easier brush on method to apply the ScraPerfect Transfer Foils. I also did this in sections, making it easer to apply the foils, and work my way around the bottle.

After applying the Best Glue Ever mixture to each section and letting it dry to a soft tack (do not try to apply the foil to a wetter glue base, lightly tacky works best) I used a light amount of pressure in applying the foil pre-cut strips, after setting for few moments. I followed using a plastic clay tool to burnish the foil, once burnished I removed each piece very carefully.

Once the body of the bottle was covered with foil I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch lightly over the surface of the foiled portion of the bottle, to remove any leftover exposed tackiness, then used a soft brush to remove any excess powder from the pouch.

I then sealed the entire surface of the bottle with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Glaze in Clear.

After the glaze had dried, I applied twisted roping around the bottom & neck of the bottle, using the Best Glue Ever

To finish the look, I added antique bronze leaf dangled chain, with a key, feather & crystal charms.

I am absolutely in love with this small treasure. Looks like something found at a "world bazaar market" or even in travels.

I hope that you find yourself inspired to try these magical products from ScraPerfect and create a bottle treasure for yourself.

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Until next time........................Happy Crafting!

                                                Michelle Wells

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