Sunday, February 25, 2018

Clean the Air About Crafting: Safe and Easy!!

Amy Here...sharing an article written just for us crafters by Sally Keys, guest blogger.

Cleaner Air, Happier Crafting
There are only a few things as frustrating as taking out the perfect crafting project for the day, only to have fits of sneezing and burning eyes to spoil what could have been a nice and relaxing day. One in five Americans struggle with allergies and pesky dust mites seem to be high on the list of culprits. While you can use ScraPerfect’s Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove dust and grime from your computer screen, and glitter, sanding dust, and flocking from your work surface, there are a few more places these pesky little craft-day spoilers can hide.
Thick, Fluffy Carpets and Old Upholstery
Not all dust is visible and carpets are known to trap dust and a good vacuum seems to sort that for a day or two. But what about upholstered furniture? That comfy hobby chair could be a safe haven for some of the most despicable dust bunnies and mites, not to mention all the other things that could get trapped in the soft folds. It’s important to have a good vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to solve this problem. Don’t overlook your curtains, too, as they may need a washing or vacuuming.  

It Could Be in the Bottle
Strangely enough, poor indoor air quality is not just limited to dust and lack of good housekeeping. It can also be attributed to over-cleaning with products that are high in toxins. It’s a good idea to see if there is a more natural product that will provide a good clean without all those toxic chemicals. While in the crafting spirit, why not conjure up a good wood cleaner that consists of lemon or linseed oil instead of pulling out that aerosol wood cleaner?  Always look for cleaning detergents that promote healthy living and contain earth-friendly ingredients. So if you need to clean the sticky residue from scissors or remove dried paint from your craft mat, for example, try ScraPerfect’s Best Cleaner Ever, for a versatile, effective, Earth-friendly, people-safe solvent. Small changes like these could improve indoor air quality and have a positive effect on overall health.  

Crafting Away on Cold Wintery Days
Nothing beats a warm fireplace, draft-free windows, a cup of hot cocoa, and an interesting craft project on a cold winter day. The combination is simply intoxicating, but it could also lead to poor indoor air quality and headaches, itchy eyes and breathing comlications. Keep in mind that on winter days when the windows are shut tightly, craft adhesives with strong fumes such as spray adhesives and acetone-based fabric glues (think “strings”) can be even more irritating and dangerous than in the summer with the windows wide open. Instead, try ScraPerfect’s Best Glue Ever™ which remains tacky when dry, and is permanent when washed; it is non-toxic, has no fumes, and is acid-free to boot! Remember that fireplace? The smoke and ashy residues have long been a concern of health professionals who recommend the use of an extractor fan for wood burners. While this may not be possible in all homes, those who wish to have a healthier alternative to heating but don’t want to relinquish the allure of the fire might consider heating options such as biofuels or natural gas sealed fireplaces.
Indoor air quality is not just important for overall health, but also the quality of life. Itchy eyes and runny noses are enemies of a perfect crafting day and taking a few simple steps and making good choices when selecting products should sort that out in no time. Happier crafting starts with a clean (and organized?) space. 

Happy Crafting!

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