Friday, January 12, 2018

Up Cycling Jars With The Best Cleaner Ever

Hello there, welcome to the ScraPerfect blog. Michelle here today, to share a tutorial on how I use the Best Cleaner Ever to up-cycle food jars for craft room storage, and cleaning up after a crafting mishap.

I have been a thrifty crafter for years. Even in my creative downtime, I am usually making paper flowers for gifting or for my use in projects, so I look for ways to display these handmade treasures of mine. Aside from that, I am always looking for ways to stretch my crafting dollar, so finding affordable ways to have aesthetic & affordable storage is of utmost importance to me.

Everybody has manufactured food jars in their cabinets or pantry. 
With some cleaning, and paint, these product jars can be turned into something that will look attractive on any craft room shelf. 

Every now & then, however, I find one that in spite of soaking is soapy water, remnants of labels and adhesive just will not let go. And how to remove that "Best By" date inking?

Enter the Best Cleaner Ever

With just a couple of squirts, and a few moments, removing the label mess & inking is so easy. And with a wet wipe, paper towel, followed by a quick wiping with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, the jar looks flawless.

Add some spray paint to the lid, and VOILA, pretty craft room storage.

Now onto how I used Best Cleaner Ever to remove a crafty mishap. I added layers of clear gesso, spray inks & even texture paste to microscope slides, intended for a pendant. Idea was a bust.

As you can see by the photo, the slides are caked heavily.  So I used a couple of squirts of Best Cleaner Ever, spread it over the entire surface of each slide using my finger. I then let it sit for 20-25 minutes, wiped clean with a wipe, and only used my craft knife to scrape some rather stubborn spots of the texture paste off.

Once I removed the Best Cleaner Ever from the entire slide surfaces, I followed with "buffing" each slide with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth. PERFECTION.

There you have it,a simple up-cylcing project, and a big crafty cleanup, both made possible with innovative products from ScraPerfect.

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Thanks so much for visiting. Until next time.......Happy Crafting!

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