Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pretty Pendants Using the Best Glue Ever

Hello there, welcome to the ScraPerfect blog. Michelle here today, sharing quick and easy pendants that I made using the innovative ScraPerfect products.

From ScraPerfect:
Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Cap
Best Cleaner Ever
Perfect Cleaning Cloth
Tiny Bottles Of Embellishments (shaved ice)

In addition to the ScraPerfect products, you will need your choice in bezel style metal pendants. I chose extra small bottle cap pendants & a decorative bezel pendant with an acrylic lens cover, all in antique brass finish. You will also need flat back floral resin or clay embellishments.

When I removed the the decorative pendant from it's packaging, there was a sticky residue left behind by the tape on the clear acrylic pendant cover. Best Cleaner Ever to the rescue! 

I gave just one spritz of the BCE worked it over the surface, let it sit for a few seconds, I used a pre-moistened wipe, and went over the entire cover, with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and VOILA. As if there were no tape residue there at all.

For the inside of the pendant, I used Best Glue Ever with a No-Clog Writing Cap to add droplets, and then used a spitz of water and a brush, to spread the glue/water mixture over the surface.

While still wet, I sprinkled a trio of colors of the TBE (shaved ice), and lightly patted it down to adhere completely. I the followed by adding tiny droplets of BGE around the acrylic cover, and secured it on to the pendant.

 For the smaller pendants, I simply added some droplets of BGE, and placed the flat backed floral cabochons in coral & turquoise inside each pendant.

These pretty pendants can be used for jewelry, for planner dangles, even dangles for bookmarks. I just can decide which I will use them for.

Creating these pendants was so easy, and it is due to these marvelous ScraPerfect products. 

For the ScraPerfect products used in this project and so much more, 
visit the ScraPerfect store at the following link.

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Michelle Wells