Monday, January 29, 2018

How to save your favorite christmas decorations

     Hi Friends!  Lyne from Lynn's Everyday Ideas here with you today.  Now that Christmas is over and we're all working on putting things away I wanted to share with you how The Best Glue Ever can save your favorite decorations.
    Hubby and I went to Germany on our honeymoon and one of our cherished decorations is a wooden German smoker in traditional Oktoberfest clothing.  However with two kiddos and two dogs in the house he got knocked over and broke in two places :-( His one arm broke off and his pipe broke out of the other
     You can see that the pieces interlock, but it wasn't enough to keep him together.  To reinforce the pieces I added just a bit of The Best Glue Ever to his arm joints. Can you see how little I had to add?
     I then also added some glue into the join that holds his pipe.  This crack is super super tiny so the no clog writing cap with it's precision tip was instrumental in this portion of the repair.
    All I had to do after this was pop him back together and give him some time to dry.  Now our handmade Christmas decoration with special memories is good as new!

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