Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Jazz Up A Boy Layout Using Foil

Lisa here to share a fun way to jazz up a boy layout, or any layout for that matter.
I love to make my own embellishments and often do when scrapping a layout about my son. There just doesn't seem to be as many embellishments for boys as there are for girls. Using The Best Glue Ever and Transfer Foils from ScraPerfect I made the stars on this layout of my son:

Here is how I made them:
These diecut stars were sitting on my desk from a previous cut file I used:

I added a thin layer of The Best Glue Ever:

Using my index finger, I spread it out. I let the glue dry until it was clear and tacky:

I placed a well used piece of gold foil on the top of the stars, foil side up. Using my finger, I rubbed the foil. 

I peeled the star off and this was my result:

Because I used textured cardstock, the foil was not perfect and I love that!

I decided to take these stars to the next level and add another color (orange) on top. I repeated the process with the orange foil:

Can you see the bits of orange foil on the stars? I love how they turned out! 

Finally, to remove any excess glue, I ran my Perfect Crafting Pouch over the stars. This removes any stickiness left behind:

If you would like to see close ups of my layout, please stop by my blog.
Thanks for taking time to stop by and have a great day!

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Michelle Wells said...

Great layout. Love the stars