Saturday, January 6, 2018

A New Year, A Clean Start with the Best Cleaner Ever

Do you like starting the new year with a good cleaning?  I sure do! Especially when I have to move all my craft supplies and furniture to the garage so my craft room can become a makeshift guest room.  But it then gives me an opportunity to clean things up and reorganize when I move everything back.

Including cleaning my craft mat. This is a large cutting mat, which isn't really meant for inking or gluing but seems to get used for it all the time.  Here's the before:

Yuck.  Can you bear a close up?

I started by spraying the mat with the Best Cleaner Ever and then let it sit for around five to ten minutes.  I have a Ranger scraper, but an old credit card or gift card would work, too.  I started by scraping the mat to see what I could remove...

And this is what happened...  glitter, dirt, glue....

Yuck.  So... I grabbed a paper towel to wipe it up and clean off the surface.  Then I repeated the process.  After cleaning the mat with the Best Cleaner Ever I used a little bit of soap and water to remove the rest of the cleaner.  Can you tell the difference? 

And while I was in a cleaning mood, I grabbed this new mug with a stubborn label.  I tried pulling the label off the bottom, but it didn't do a lot.

I sprayed the Best Cleaner Ever on the label and went off to clean my mat and let this sit.

When I came back about 30 minutes later, the label just lifted off easily.

Now show me your clean mats!

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