Monday, January 29, 2018

How to save your favorite christmas decorations

     Hi Friends!  Lyne from Lynn's Everyday Ideas here with you today.  Now that Christmas is over and we're all working on putting things away I wanted to share with you how The Best Glue Ever can save your favorite decorations.
    Hubby and I went to Germany on our honeymoon and one of our cherished decorations is a wooden German smoker in traditional Oktoberfest clothing.  However with two kiddos and two dogs in the house he got knocked over and broke in two places :-( His one arm broke off and his pipe broke out of the other
     You can see that the pieces interlock, but it wasn't enough to keep him together.  To reinforce the pieces I added just a bit of The Best Glue Ever to his arm joints. Can you see how little I had to add?
     I then also added some glue into the join that holds his pipe.  This crack is super super tiny so the no clog writing cap with it's precision tip was instrumental in this portion of the repair.
    All I had to do after this was pop him back together and give him some time to dry.  Now our handmade Christmas decoration with special memories is good as new!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

How To Make A Masculine Love Card Using the Best Glue Ever

Hello crafty friends...Kathy here from Create.365 and today's card is one of my favorite's to date! I used a Card Map Challenge to pick my sketch. I used to use Card Maps many years ago and had completely forgotten about them, so I was happy to see that they do indeed still exist! Go check them out if you enjoy using sketches as a creative starting point when you are making cards.

I gathered lots of paper patterns for this card -many of which are from my decades old scrapbooking stash. I also used thin cut dies and sentiment stamps and the coffee cactus digi was colored with colored pencils.

Of course, the Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap is just perfect to adhere everything together without any wrinkling!  For this particular piece, I dug out and used my old scallop edge decorative scissors.

Next, I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch on my speech bubble diecut to eliminate any static electricity before I stamped it and heat embossed it with white embossing powder. I then brushed it clean using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

Inside stamping was done in black ink and I added a strip of left over pattern paper.

Top left accent was a zigzag stitching stamp done up in white embossing to help it look like the banner flags were sewn on to the card front. Everything was glued down flat except for the speech bubble that was added with foam pop dots for dimension.

Well, that's it for me today. Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Best Glue Ever To The Rescue!

Lisa here to today. While scrapping a while back, I pulled out an older ink pad of mine and realized the pad was no longer stuck to the base any more.

I really wanted to use this ink pad, but with the pad off the base, the only way to use it was by picking it up with my fingers. Now I didn't really feel like getting ink all over my hands, so I grabbed my bottle of  The Best Glue Ever

I added some of the glue to the base:

 and placed the ink pad on top. I let it dry over night. It was as good as new! 

To think I almost threw the ink pad away, so glad I decided to try The Best Glue Ever on it!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

No More Residual Mess, Best Cleaner Ever Delivers Again!

Hello there, welcome to the ScraPerfect blog. Michelle here today, sharing yet another cleaning task, made easy & perfect with the Best Cleaner Ever, my craft table top.

We have all done it, drip paint, dollops of glue.....and just give a "quick swipe" as to avert an instant mess. Then move along with another project, only to discover later, that even with craft mat's, a mess exists.

That happened to me the other day while cleaning and reorganizing my craft room. Pulled the craft mat up and ....... oh boy what a mess indeed. I found paint, glue, glitter with glue, tape adhesive......

First I dusted up any itty bits of paper, string, glitter etc from the surface. Once I had cleared the area, I then took the Best Cleaner Ever, used 6-7 squirts (a rather large area to cover), worked it over the entire surface, and really rub it 
into the "gunky" area's.

I walked away and let it sit about 20 minutes. When I returned, I used a non chemical wet wipe over the entire area, and dried with a paper towel. I stood back, and admired how the surface looked. Nearly brand new!

And here are the AMAZING facts about Best Cleaner Ever.

  • Safe for hands, tools, brushes, clear & rubber stamps, fabrics, & more
  • Removes: Solvent ink including StazOn; Permanent markers; Adhesive build-  up on scissors; Latex, enamel, & spray paints, Duct tape residue; Best Glue Ever™– even from fabric; & more!!!
  • Contains 99.9% active ingredients. No water, alcohol, or abrasives
  • Apply from the pink spray bottle; rinses off with water
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • No harmful fumes

  • So, if you have a gunky, stained or sticky mess, that you are just not sure how to completely clean, head on over to the ScraPerfect online store and order your bottle of Best Cleaner Ever today. You won't be sorry!

    Thanks so much for visiting today. If you are looking for innovative products to use in your crafting, check out the galleries here on the blog and see how the design team has used the entire ScraPerfect family of products to create great projects & to clean with.

    Until next time...........................Happy Crafting!

                                                    Michelle Wells

    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

    How to Make a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Mini Album (part 1)

    Hi everyone, Penny here today to show you how I made this cute Harley Davidson mini album.  This album's pages are 8 x 8"'s and it holds 20 pages so this will be a 2 part post. 

    This is the first page of my album, on this page I used pattern paper, a ticket stub, baker's twine, and that small "Harley Davidson" accent in the bottom corner was actually cut from the edge of the pattern paper and was supposed to be thrown away! I also used bling, and some Dew Drops from Robin's Nests Scrapbooking.  A lot of the paper, and stickers used in this album came from their store.

    This is what the cover of my album looks like.  I bought it a long time ago so I can't give you any details on who made it sorry.  I'm sure it would be easy to do a quick search on it if you are really interested in getting one..

    On this page I used more Dew Drops, patter paper, and motorcycle accents from Robin's Nest along with washi tape.

    This page has a slide out over sized photo mount card along with more washi tape, some duct tape, and a title sticker that I bought from a gum ball machine.

    More Dew Drop accents, and to glue all of these items down I used my favorite glue by ScraPerfect. This glue is perfect for this type of album that has lots of different textures, and tiny hard to hold in place items. 

    Lot's of times I find that some of the washi tapes just doesn't hold like it should so that is when I'll get out my bottle of Best Glue Ever with it's needle like No Clog Writing Caps and in a flash I have that tape held in place in a jiffy! This glue also works to hold fabric, metals, paper, ribbon, etc. in place just fine. I love it, and it use's the smallest amounts of glue, so a bottle will last a long, long time..

    More stickers, and chipboard accents, and some lovely metal looking pattern paper.

    I made this banner from a sticker sheet at Robin's Nest but instead of laying it out in a straight pattern I cut it apart, and curved it to get this cute look. I love it.

    Love the way these diamond dew drops look on the top border.

    To give this page a pop of color I found some old street sign stickers, and a cute camera paper clip to accent the journaling card.

     More accents from Robin's Nest along with some stickers, tag, and tape, and we are already halfway through our album.
     Come back on the 5th of Feb. and you'll get to see the final pages. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

    Monday, January 22, 2018

    Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments

    Hello Friends, Linda here to share a project Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments. Sometimes when making items you only need a tiny amount of glue. Many glue bottles have a large whole to dispense the adhesive. And I have found that it can become a big mess if a blob of glue comes out on a project.

    Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments

    Today I'm sharing how to add the Large No Clog Writing Cap to a bottle of Tacky Glue and then I show Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments. Check out the video below to see a great little altered paperclip I create using the No Clog Writing Cap.

    Isn't this a great little project for the No Clog Writing Cap? Having the perfect tool for a project sure makes life so much easier!

    Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments

    Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments
    The backside of the book page altered Paperclip.

    How will you be Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments in your paper crafting? Do you make little things? Then pick up the No Clog Writing Cap today.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see the post Using the No Clog Writing Cap for Tiny Embellishments. Feel free to follow me on YouTube for other great projects.

    Sunday, January 21, 2018

    How to use the best glue ever to attach paper strips

         Hey crafty friends!  I'm here today with my last layout from my Scrapbook Generation kit clubs.  I can't believe it's taken me three years to use them all up.  
         Today's layout is using the old Simple Stories Legacy collection.  It was perfect for some family photos we had done when Julia was three or four months old.  
         We had monthly photos with our son too, but they were in a studio.  I loved using a freelance photographer so we could do somewhere fun each month.  These photos were at a local rose garden, and were taken on the date of our 12 year wedding anniversary.  The photographer found that out and snapped some of us too!
         I love the look of all the strips on this page, but before The Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Cap I would have hated putting them down.  My ATG gun was too wide and my Scotch tacky glue nozzles gave me to thick a link of glue on some of the smaller pieces.
         Look at how the No Clog Writing Cap compares to the smallest strip.  I dispenses the perfect small amount of glue in a precise location making the strips a breeze to put down.
         Well - I'm off to find more new ways to use the awesome ScraPerfect products. Until next time...stay crafty!

    Thursday, January 18, 2018

    How To Better Trouble Shoot The Best Glue Ever

    Charity here with tips for how to better trouble shoot the writing cap for the Best Glue Ever. The No-Clog Writing Cap from ScraPerfect makes it easy to write with glue or paint. This Writing Cap also lets you put one tiny dot of glue exactly where you want it.
    But what do you do if you notice glue seeping out between the writing tip and the blue collar? What a waste, what a mess! This happens when the inner pink tip is not screwed into the glue cap. Unscrew the blue collar, clean all the bits up, and place the pink tip back into the base cap. A clockwise, 1/4 turn will seat the writing tip securely. Screw the blue collar back on and you are ready to craft!
    If you do not clean your writing tip after its last use, then leave it for a long time you might have a tragedy like the one pictured below. The glue has sealed the writing tip to the white pin top. It was quite stuck so I gave it a firm tug. The writing tip pulled right out of the pink collar it is meant to be permanently bound to!
    The Good News:
    The Best Glue Ever is so strong and so versatile that now the writing tip is permanently bound to the white pin top.
    The Bad News:
    The No-Clog Writing Cap is permanently damaged. I will need to get a new one.
    The Moral of the Story:
    Always clean your Writing Cap, especially if you will not be using it for awhile.
    For frequent use simply rinse the cap with water when you have finished crafting for the day. Store glue up-right and you should have no sticky problems. If the whole cap assembly is stuck together Do Not get out the pliers and start tugging. Unscrew the cap assembly from the glue bottle. Spritz inside and seams with Best Cleaner Ever. Let cap sit for 10 to 20 min. The cap should disassemble easily. If not, spritz again and let sit.
    You can find tips, instructions, and How-To videos on the ScraPerfect website. Take a look at what we have to offer. We want our customers to get the best use possible from these products!

    Scrap On!