Sunday, December 3, 2017

Best Glue Ever To The Rescue AND Start The New Year Right Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Hi there, Kim here today for ScraPerfect.  I am sure I am not the only one who has been decorating for the holidays this weekend.  It's a tradition in our family, and everyone has their favorite decorations.  For my husband, it is the pair of wooden nutcrackers he's had for a decade. Here they are:

Now here is what they looked like when we unpacked them this year after being in the attic:

Can you see the problem?  My husband was sad, but I told him I knew just how to fix his nutcracker.  I retrieved my bottle of the Best Glue Ever (with the No Clog Writing Cap on top of course), from my craft room, and here's what I did:

I put thin lines of the Best Glue Ever on both the nutcracker and his hat and waited a few minutes before putting them together again.

I let the nutcracker sit overnight,and the Best Glue Ever really did come to the rescue!  It's perfect now and is in it's place of honor with it's mate in our home.

The Best Glue Ever isn't just for the craft room, you really can use it in every room in your house!  I am going to put a bottle in the tool chest for my husband just to make sure mine stays in my craft room from now on!

Since we are approaching the holidays, I am excited to announce that ScraPerfect has graciously allowed me to provide a fabulous "Start the New Year Right" giveaway!  The prize is a bottle of the amazing Best Glue Ever, with a No Clog Writing Cap, and FREE SHIPPING on anything you order from ScraPerfect.  How great is that?! 

 Here's what you need to do to be entered to win:
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  • Winner will be announced here in the New Year so check back!
Thanks everyone and GOOD LUCK!  I appreciate you stopping by today and will be back later in the month with more inspiration courtesy of the wonderful family of products from ScraPerfect.

Until Next Time,

Kim Lippincott

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Sue from OZ said...

Start the New Year right with ScraPerfect. Liked the Facebook page