Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to Clean Your Craft mats with the Best Cleaner Ever

Hi all Erin Reed here today.  I have 2 craft mats that have gotten super dirty for various reasons.  One is mat I use all the time and my daughter and her friend painted over the break and got it all painted, the other is my clay mat and has had paint and clay stuck to it for over a year.  Time to get them clean!!

I started with my non stick craft mat that was full of acrylic paint, mists, inks, and really I am not sure what else is stuck to it, but it really needed to be cleaned.  Time to break out the Best Cleaner Ever by ScraPerfect!!!

Check it out now!!!

I also got out my self healing craft mat I use for air dry clay.  There was paint, clay bits stuck to it,  ink, and again probably more stuff that I do not want to admit.  Plus this mat has never been cleaned other than a wipe of a wet cloth for since I got it almost 2 years ago.

And now....

Check out my video of me cleaning these so you can see the magic for yourself!!!

What do you need to clean?

Erin Reed

Silly PROOF the Best Glue Ever is AWESOMELY strong!

Lyne here to share a SUPER cool idea for storing embellishments and scraps from paper pads, kits, etc PLUS proof that ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever™ is truly the best!

These bitty pads are perfect for small details, cards, etc but I usually have leftover pieces that would be perfect for another time. I've developed a super simple but brilliant system to keep scraps and coordinated embellishments together....

See? It's a pocket....

But it's essential it stay stuck to the pad, of course! I used HOT GLUE at first, but ....

Now I reach for ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever! Without fail, it glues everything, lasts forever because you only need a little bit, BUT who would have thought that it was stronger than HOT GLUE?!?

Watch this:

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to Make a Gorgeous Foiled Christmas Tree Card

Hello crafty friends! Kathy here from Create.365 with a gorgeous holiday card made using lots of "magically perfect products" from ScraPerfect

This card is a 5" x 7" (A7) white base with a kraft panel cut from cardstock for the front. Using the Best Glue Ever, a sponge and a beautiful tree stencil from The Crafters Workshop, I gently applied the glue through the stencil to just the tree image on to the kraft cardstock.

After carefully pulling the stencil away, I let the glue dry until it was tacky and clear -this took about 45 may have actually taken less time, but I got involved in another project and knew that extra time to dry would not hurt my tree project.

The next step was to lay the green Transfer Foil down on top of the glue stenciled tree design with the green side facing up. Burnishing it well is the key here to capturing all the details! 

Gently peel the foil back to reveal your design! You can now save the rest of your foil sheet for another project.

Because of the nature of this project, there was still a bit of sticky residue coming through the foil, so I lightly tapped the Perfect Crafting Pouch all over the tree to de-stick it and then buffed the tree gently using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to ensure no residual powder was left behind to dull the shine of the foil.

Now, of course we can't forget that we still need to clean all that glue off of our stencil and I have the perfect tool for the job in the Best Cleaner Ever. I first laid my stencil on top of a paper towel, but learned that wax paper works much better for this step because it doesn't soak up the cleaner-so learn from my mistakes if you give this technique a shot! 

I generously spritzed the cleaner over the stencil and carefully spread it around using my fingers then left it to soak for a good long time...ok, I gotta be honest here, I just plain forget about it until several hours later, lol. But it did the trick and I was then able to wash the glue and the cleaner off in warm water.

I stamped and gold heat embossed the sentiment from Stampin' Up!... you can see that the shine and texture on this card really packs a punch!

Layering the kraft panel to the card front using self adhesive gold foil photo corners was the perfect accent for this clean and simple card.

I heat embossed the sentiment inside also and that finished off this card quickly and easily.

That's it for me today and I hope you will give this stencil/foil technique a try -it is alot of fun and the hardest part is cleaning the stencil, lol. Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Angel In My Heart Ornament

Hi there, Kim here today to share a project that is very close to my heart.  I found some mini wooden bowling pins left over from last year and was inspired to turn them into some special Christmas ornaments.  I turned the pins into angels. I made one for myself, my Mom, and my daughters in memory of my Dad that passed away earlier this year.  I am happy with the way they turned out and that they will honor someone very special on all of our trees this Christmas.  I would not trust any other adhesive on anything as important as this other than Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect.  Here is what I started out with, after I gave each pin a coat of white acrylic paint:

Of course angels have to have wings, so I used some lace applique wings from my stash. To make them a bit sturdier, I gave them a coat of Mod Podge Pearl to make them stiffer and give them a pretty shimmer.

If you look closely, you can see how much of the Best Glue Ever I used on the upper right corner of the wing. A little goes a long way!

I also put a tiny line of the Best Glue Ever on the painted wooden pin for maximum hold.  I have the No Clog Writing Cap on my bottle of glue to help make sure I don't use too much glue.  It's great for precision and writing too!

Once the wings were secure, I applied more of the Best Glue Ever before applying a piece of bling to cover where the wings meet.

Here is the back side of the bling.  I waited until the Best Glue Ever was turning clear before placing the bling on the back of the ornament because of the size of the embellishment.

Before placing the bling, I also attached some crinkled, white, seam binding to serve as a tail and to hang the ornament with.

I wanted my angels to have some sparkle too, so I drew lines around the bottom of the ornament with the Best Glue Ever.  Then I used a  paint brush to spread the glue around in an even coat.

Next, I placed my angel in a jar of glitter for a few seconds and then tapped it on the edge to get the excess off.  I also placed a tiny silver crown on my angel's head with the Best Glue Ever.  For quick and easy clean up, I squirted some of the Best Cleaner Ever on my hands and was good to go in a flash. I love the way these turned out and know my family members will cherish them.  Hope you like them too:

I made more than one angel, some have glitter and a pearl trim, and some don't.  These photos show the front, side, and back of the ornaments.  This simple but meaningful project was so easy because of the versatility of the amazing Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect.

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Until Next Time,

Kim Lippincott

Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to make a pretty and useful contact card.

Because we have moved around a bit in the last few years, I have come up with a fun way to exchange contact info.  This worked especially well in church.  In a new city and wanting to make new friends, this was a great icebreaker and kept my name in peoples bibles!   I really enjoyed making these, so much nicer than a business card! 
I only used one adhesive for all of these layers!

 I picked out pretty papers

Prepared the contact info on one sheet and verse for the other side

Cut to size, production style

Worked on the layers, The Best Glue Ever worked seamlessly with all these layers including Mirror Board!  Using the fine line writing tip, helped make this a   clean and speedy project! 

And here they are all tasseled and ready to hand out!

This took about 3 hours and I made thirty.  It was relaxing and fun - I had everything on hand and using Best Glue Ever made it a snap!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying your day!!
Ginny M

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Something From Christmas Past Gets New Life This Year

Hello there!

Michelle here with you today to share how I gave new life 
to Christmas ornaments that are over 20 years old,
using ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Cap & Embellie Gellie.

Additional supplies used:
Glimmer Mist
Shabby Rose Trim
Braided Trim
Beaded Trim
Lace Trim

When my husband and I spent our first Christmas
together, we had purchased some 
flat (no sheen) gold ornaments for our first tree.

I had used these to decorate our tree for many years,
but like with anything else, time took it's tole.
They had become splotchy & moisture stained spots, and I still
kept them, thinking I would eventually 
give them a make over.

That time has come. 

I first applied gesso, after it had dried I used paint colors in pairs of 2.
I re-decorated the surface of the ornaments in hues of Rose Gold, Pink & Gold, and used elements that had a more Victorian look, to gift to my mother
for my parents new Christmas tree this year.
She loves the look of these shades, and has many
other Victorian style decorations, and these will 
be a perfect addition.

Once the paint had dried, I used the Best Glue Ever along with the No-Clog Writing Cap (for precise use of BGE) to attach ribbon, trim
and embellishments.

 I then used Embellie Gellie to add the embellishments to the BGE dollops and allotted a "tack" time (5 min or so) to instantly set the embellishments once applied.

Very easy project, and giving new life to something
much loved for many years,
and easily done with the FABULOUS
Best Glue Ever, No-Clog Writing Cap & Embellie Gellie.

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