Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How to Clean Photos and Electronics . Simple and Easy!

Hi All- 
Amy Here with a very quick but super HANDY tip! Use ScraPerfect's Perfect Cleaning Cloth on your photos and electronics to remove dust, fingerprints, sticky glue residue and I hate to think what else. 

I was scanning a photo of my son as a 3 year old for Grad Party Invitation I was going to make for him, and noticed a bunch of specks on the scanned image. 

FIRST, I needed to clean the dust off the photograph. I reached for ScraPerfect's Perfect Cleaning Cloth which I keep HANDY by my craft table.  A few wipes with the cloth and the photo was as beautiful and as clean as the day it we picked it up from the Portrait studio, almost 15 years ago. 

ScraPerfect's PERFECT CLEANING CLOTH is a very high quality microfiber that seriously attracts dust like a magnet attracts iron filings...and after a few whacks against my leg, it's dust-free again. Had there been fingerprints on the photograph, those would have been gone as well, but since it had been protected in a frame and had a mat finish, none were visible.

NEXT, I re-scanned the image... but still "stuff" was on the image. I figured the scanner glass needed "dusting". SO, after a few wipes with the cloth, I re-scanned the photo.

Dust gone but... STILL I saw some grey dots on the right side of the image. I opened the scanner lid and recognized two tiny "goobers" of glue residue on the glass, and upon really close examination, by looking sideways at an angle of the reflection, I could also see two streaks on the glass. (You can see how dust-free the glass is, but can you see the streaks on the right side of the glass?)

So, lastly, I slightly dampened a corner of the cloth with a bit of water, and wiped the glass spotlessly clean. I find dampening the cloth gives the cloth super-powers which is amazing to me.
>>> NO chemicals--just a bit of water, when necessary.

The cloth is fantastic for your cell phones and computer screens which always end up with fingerprints..and whatever!

PS It's also amazing for cleaning up glitter, sanding dust, and anti-static powdery residue, but be sure you use a different one as you don't want any of that on your electronics, photos or camera lens.
 I EVEN use this cloth to remove waterproof MASCARA, but we'll save that for another post!

HERE's an  in-progress sneak peek at the Grad Party Invitation. We'll be taking a photo tomorrow with my son sitting in the exact same position and similar clothing and I'll photoshop to replace the lower image. I'll take the finished jpeg and have 4x6 photos printed. After punching "photo-corners" into cardstock, we'll slip the photos into the "frame" and be done!

Monday, October 30, 2017

How to use the Best Glue Ever to Make Christmas Tree Cards

I love to make Christmas Cards, and this year I am hosting a swap of over 50 ladies!!  They can send in in batch of 10 cards, up to 50 total, and since I am hosting the swap I really want to send a card to each person who is participating.  Which means I have a ton of cad to make!!  Here is a set of cards that are fast and easy to make, but look so pretty!!

Here is a video tutorial on how to make these pretty tree cards.

I used the Best Glue Ever to to glue all the little prices of paper for the tree to the card.  Each piece is only 1/2 an inch wide and some are as small as 1 inch long, to get a tape runner on to a piece that small is a pain in the tush, so using the glue with the No Clog Writing Cap make is super easy to add a little dab of glue to such a small piece of paper without any mess!

I ended up making 5 card total with this design, as I ran out of plain cream cardstock for the base of the card, but hey 5 more card done for the swap!!  Are you making Christmas cards this year?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

How to make a quick and easy boys birthday card

     Hey everyone!  Lyne here today with another creation that shows how useful the ScraPerfect products are to help you create something quickly.  
     This is a quickly card that I made for for a party our son was invited to.  This is just a 4x6 project life card that I embellished.
     The used the Best Glue Ever to attach some of the branding strips on the top and bottom of the card.  I also used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take the sticky off the red party hat, and used some pop dots to give dimension.
     I added some glossy accents and stickles to the other party hat and dots around the border.  After I inked the edged it was ready to go.  The whole thing took about 15 minutes.  I even have a process video showing  exactly how quick this was.
     Until next time...stay crafty!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

How to Make a Tiny Shabby Chic Box Using ScraPerfect

Hello crafty friends....Kathy here from Create.365 with a cute and tiny treat box to share with you. The first step in today's 3D box project was to die cut two halves of the box design using a Spellbinder's box die from cream confetti cardstock. Then I sent it through my Amaze machine using the brick pattern side of this M-Bossabilities folder...because these folders are double sided and therefore thicker than a standard embossing folder, it took a bit of finagling to get just the right sandwich in my machine, but I made notes after I got it right so that it will be a breeze the next time around.

The next step was to highlight the texture using Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to showcase the raised pattern. This was so easy to do and I love the way it turned out!

Putting the box together went super smoothly with the help of the Best Glue Ever (using the No Clog Writing Cap) because I added it to the flaps and let it dry a bit so that it wouldn't ooze out past the seams and so that it would get super tacky and grip the textured surfaces without a problem. (thought I had taken a pic of this step, but apparently I did not -sorry!)

But did you know that the No Clog Writing Cap works for more than just the Best Glue Ever? The cap comes in several sizes that fit different sized bottles and the small one fits the Stickles bottle perfectly! Now I love using my glitter glue again!!! And having control over where it ends up is priceless, lol. So I used it to enhance the center of this flower from the Poppy Paper Medley set from Itsy Bitsy.

Once assembled, I also tied the handles with a little jute string to secure it and adding the butterfly to the knot on the bow using the Best Glue Ever, once again, was no problem. This glue is truly a joy to work with!

To give you an idea of the truly tiny size of this box, I took a picture holding it for a size comparison to my hand...it is just the right size to hold a small treat -like a mini chocolate bar or 2 chocolate kisses etc.

I also used the Distress ink to add a shabby look to the blue flower and better tie it in to the colors  used on the box.

The last thing I did was spread a tiny bit of the Stickles along the rolled paper body of the butterfly with my finger tip so that she could sparkle too.

 That pretty wraps things up here for me today...until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Friday, October 27, 2017

How To Add Ricrac Fast and Easy.

Hey there ScraPerfect Fans!
Lisa here today to share a fast and easy way to add ricrac to a project.

I used some My Mind's Eye Sweet Caroline stash along with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever and came up with this page:

The Best Glue Ever along with the Fine Line No Clogging Cap is perfect for adding a thin line of glue to adhere ricrac.
Place a thin line of glue where you are adhering the ricrac:

Let dry, about 5-10 minutes depending how thick the line is. I actually worked on my layout while it was drying. When it dries to a clear, it is ready to add the ricrac:

The glue is tacky and holds to ricrac perfectly! and there is no glue mess!

Here are a few close ups:
 I added a fussy cut ticket, a stick pin, button and a piece of chipboard for this cluster:

I fussy cut the "celebrate good times" from a 3x4 card and added a date sticker from October Afternoon:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to Save Money Crafting Adorable Halloween Treats!

Hi All-
Amy here with a timely idea first posted in 2014 but one I know you'll simply eat up! Watch the video...


 Get out those stamps! 

All you need is some Royal Icing (recipe below), gel food coloring, Embellie Gellie and Halloween Cookie Sugar Decors. 

Embellie Gellie™ is safe for food and the easy way to place your confection decorations exactly where you want them...(just like you do in papercraft or nail art!)

Sweet and Neat: No icing on your fingers!

These would be perfect for any Holiday theme, Thank You or Teacher Gift, class parties ...


1. About the COOKIES: Typically, I bake cookies from scratch. Because I wanted to make the video quickly, I decided to buy them. I had trouble finding round, flat cookies about this size--until I was in Walmart. (Wouldn't you know?) They look quite homemade -- and according to my kids-- they even taste really good. They cost under $2 per package. I used the bottom of the cookie so they'd be even flatter.

2. About the STAMPS: When I tried the pink rubber stamps on a thin dry layer of royal icing, I found I needed a much thicker layer to evenly coat the cookies and smooth the bumps and lumps. As it turned out, I found a set of inexpensive foam stamps and discovered they really flexed easily and worked super well. I am sure I could have eliminated the need for the extra royal icing!

3. **About ROYAL ICING: It's so simple to make using powdered sugar and fresh or powdered egg whites and water. (My recipe: 1 tsp powdered egg whites, 1/2 cup confectioners sugar and water)

How to Make a Beautiful Shimmery Mermaid and a Fun Freebie

          Hi everyone, Ginny here. I wanted to show you how  I made  a pretty tag for my boxed swaps at the October Split Coast Stampers Event in Ilion NY.  
The was my first time attending an event like this, what a blast! 
Each 'Shoe Box' needed a tag or label to identify who made it and what was in it.  I am really not sure why I picked a Mermaid.  But I am glad I did! I also needed to use an adhesive that I could paint with a fine line and know it would hold my beautiful flakey glitter.  Here is the end result:

The process

The digital image

Painted with Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen
In case you are wondering, I painted extra "clothes" on this mermaid.

And then very quickly added a layer of Best Glue Ever

The reason this is really the best glue for this project: it dries soft and flexible, it never makes your card brittle or rumpled.  In this case, it allows the flake to retain a measure of dimension instead of flattening out.  Another good reason - time, it took 30 seconds to lay the glue on it with the fine tip- No Oops! once the flake was applied, it took about a minute to dry - that is nice!

A little gentle pressure 

Dusted off:

And there they are 4 fast, fun labels!

Freebie for you!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can use this!
Ginny M

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Cleaner Ever Skin Safe & Effective On The Hardest Stain

Hello there crafty people. Michelle here to share a brief photo demonstration of the effectiveness, and safety in using the Best Cleaner Ever on one of the toughest stains to remove, hair color stain, left on the skin after removing color from the hair.

I first have to say, having been a hair designer for many years, I personally had never used a product marketed to remove color stain, that effectively got the job done. And there were a couple that were harsh on the skin, or overpowering in fragrance. The Best Cleaner Ever is neither of these.

I had actually discovered this a few weeks ago, but did not think to take photos of the process in removing hair color stain using the Best Cleaner Ever. This weekend, I photographed the process.
I use a very dark brown hair color, and even use petroleum jelly around my hairline and around my eyebrows, to sort of "block" the hair color from the skin, as the following photo shows.

After removing the color from my hair, I had that pesty stain. I used one squirt (it truly goes a long way) of the Best Cleaner Ever on my finger, and then manage into the skin around my hairlines.
I then let it set around 10 minutes, and then used an additional spray of the Best Cleaner Ever on cotton pads and then rubbed the color stain away. As the photos below show the color stain is left on the pads & not on my skin.

No fumes. No skin irritation. I am blown away, about how safe & effective the Best Cleaner Ever is.
So, if you are home hair colorist, and you do not own a bottle of the Best Cleaner Ever, you so need to add this AMAZING product to aid in removing left over color stain.

And it goes way beyond removing color stain from the skin. Just take a look into our blog archives and see  for yourself, the many other effective uses of the Best Cleaner Ever, that has been shared by the ScraPerfect Team.

Thank you for stopping by today, be sure to subscribe to the ScraPerfect blog & YouTube channel to stay up to date with more ScraPerfect product demonstrations & tutorials.

To purchase the Best Cleaner Ever, and other fabulous ScraPerfect products, just follow the link below to the ScraPerfect store.

Until next time.......

                                                                     Michelle Wells


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The $6 Life Hack You Need in Your Purse Right Now!

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Shelly with you sharing my current ScraPerfect Product OBSESSION - The Perfect Cleaning Cloth

I also have the Perfect Cleaning Cloth on my craft table - it is ESSENTIAL when using glitter, or distressing and sanding my projects - - it attracts and traps these bits like a magnet! And a must for wiping fingerprints off photos.  But it is not just for your craft room or crafting....

I think most women my age carry these same things in their bag and this is why I always carry the Perfect Cleaning Cloth .....

Sunglasses, reading glasses, smart phone and a tablet.... all of those things that are constantly covered in fingerprints and dust!  A quick swipe with the cloth is all you need. 

It's perfect size for keeping in your purse, it also tucks nicely right into my sunglass / eyeglass case and also my camera case -- what a perfect cloth for wiping down my camera. It is so gentle on these delicate items.

What makes this Cloth so magical?  Direct from the website, here is what the Perfect Cleaning Cloth is made from:

"It is a synthetic fiber made up of a blend of polyester and microfiber polymer which form a strand so small the human eye can barely see it. The strand appears star-shaped under a microscope. Those strands are then split into ultra-fine fibers, each about one-sixteenth the size of a human hair. The process used to split the strand creates a positive electric static charge which causes dirt, with its negative charge, to cling to dry cloths. The more strands, the better the attraction. The dirt is trapped until the microfiber is washed, or shaken vigorously-for larger particles. Fabric softener, meant to stop static cling, therefore reduces cleaning ability. We selected an extremely high quality, plush cloth which has a very high attraction to dirt particles."

Christmas is right around the corner - The Perfect Cleaning Cloth would be such a great stocking stuffer for EVERYONE on your list!

Take a few minutes to check out this Video Introduction to The Perfect Cleaning Cloth.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - have a creative week!


Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Make Inexpensive Halloween Project Life Cards!

Hello crafter's today I'm going to show you some examples of inexpensive simple to make Halloween project life cards!

As you can see I made quite a few of them, I think in all total I made over 50, with a few duplicates, but not many. I became tired of buying the pre-made card sets due to the huge amount of duplicates in each box set. I really don't need 10 of each card so that is why I started making my own cards. On most of my cards I used a corner rounder punch as well. 

Each of these cards were made using just some spare Halloween paper, stickers, foam shapes, ribbon, fabric, gems, googly eyes, and some pre-glittered Halloween shapes. I bet all of them cost me less than $3.or $4.00 in supplies, and most of these supplies I already owned. 

So since I was going to have to glue all of these different kinds of materials, I reached for the Best Glue Ever from  ScraPerfect. I knew in advance from using this product before that it would successfully glue all of these materials, while using just the tiniest amount of glue.

Some of the items on this set of cards were pre-glittered cut outs, some really cool mesh spider ribbon, washi tape, and ribbon.

This set uses stickers, gems, and the witch's boot cards were made using really wide ribbon with the boots already printed on it, along with the glitter. I just cut the ribbon to fit the card, then glued the edges down in the back. SUPER easy. 

This set used mainly paper, washi tape, gems, ribbon, and the owl was made with felt, and googly eyes.

This set was just mainly paper, foam shaped skull, washi tape and stickers. 

Here is a close up of the skull.  I added the gems, and googly eyes. 

More cards, some of these are larger than a project life page protector, but I will use them on scrapbook pages. 

More pre-glittered shapes which can often be hard to glue, since the glue doesn't like to stick to the glitter, however the Best Glue Ever held it just fine. The mesh spider and bat ribbon would have also been a challenge for any other glue, but I had no problems. 

Well this is the last set of cards I hope I have inspired you to make some for yourself! 

 Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny