Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Best Glue Ever and No Clog Writing Cap Flower Making How To

Hello there! Welcome to the ScraPerfect blog. Michelle here today to share with you a little crafting obsession of mine, making paper flowers and how the Best Glue Ever & No Clog Writing Cap has perfected this crafty obsession of mine.

First of all, the Best Glue Ever is absolutely the most AMAZING glue, as it has such versatility.
It has a flexible hold, yet sets permanently, and has a very strong bond.
It can be applied to a variety of materials like wood, foam, fabric, metal & paper.
It is Latex-Free (a plus for me as I have an allergy to latex)
It is also acid free, has no fumes and NO GLUE STRINGS!

I could just go on and on, but the name really says it all. If you haven't tried it for yourself, what are you waiting for? You will be amazed how it will change your crafting.

Now, on to my project.
I do have an obsession for paper flowers, and this week I have crafted 4 new designs, using the
Best Glue Ever along with the No Clog Writing Cap (another game changer) for each single new (proto-type) flower design. Using this duo, they added just the right amount of glue to apply the layers and to secure the stamens in each flower, while allowing time for me to adjust the positions of the petals before setting permanently.

Honestly, this has been the easiest time I have ever had putting flowers together.

Below are the links to both the Best Glue Ever & the No Clog Writing Caps listings in the ScraPerfect store, where you will also find product demonstrations for the No Clog Writing Caps on the product page.

Thank you for stopping by the ScraPerfect blog today, while here check out the archives for more great product demonstrations and project tutorials featuring the innovative products of ScraPerfect.

Until next time........ Be Crafty!


Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Your flowers are beautiful!
No strings!! I think my favorite aspect of this glue!

Michelle Wells said...

Thank you Shelly. The no strings is my fave too.

Michelle Wells said...

Thank you Shelly. The no strings is my fave too.