Monday, September 4, 2017

How To Make a Stunning Peacock With Beautiful Flowers

Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a tutorial for how to make a stunning peacock with beautiful flowers. I really enjoy the colors in the tail of a peacock and was thrilled to find these exact tones in a bag of flowers I received from Petaloo. They may not have been intended for this use, but there is no doubt it is a winning combination!
~ Flower Petal Peacock ~
 Copper is my favorite metallic tone. It is the perfect compliment to my stash of flowers. Both the background and peacock body are from Rinea Foiled Paper. Follow the steps below to make your own Flower Petal Peacock.
Copper Foiled Paper, cut to fit 7x11 Frame.
Foiled Paper in Contrasting color for Head and Neck
Decorative Corner Punch for edge of Peacock Body
ScraPerfect glue for attaching petals to Foiled Paper.
Assortment of peacock-colored flowers, cut into individual petals.
Draw or Print peacock silhouette. Trace onto foiled paper.
Place one drop of the Best Glue Ever onto each petal. Allow to dry to semi-clear finish.
 Add petals to the peacock silhouette starting at the tip of the tail and working upward.
 Trace the head and body of the Peacock Silhouette onto a contrasting color of foiled paper.
 Carefully cut out the shape. The curve of paper from the peacocks neck makes an excellent wing shape. Use corner punch for the lower edge of the body.
 Glue the body over the tail feathers, adjusting and filling in petals as necessary. Place short petals on head for top knot. Place Flower Petal Peacock in frame. Add layers of cardboard till foiled paper fits snugly without a wrinkle. Use Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove finger prints from foiled paper.
ScraPerfect Products Used

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Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Wow! Love it!

Michelle Wells said...

Peacocks are my favorite, LOVE how you designed this and the finishing results!