Thursday, August 31, 2017

Video How To Make Easy Beautiful Homemade Invitations

Hi All-
Amy Here... with a VIDEO showing tips you'll want to keep in your "tool bag"! 

As a gift to my friend and her daughter, I offered to "help" make invitations, aware she and her 8th grade daughter [both non-crafty] wanted to help. 

 OH MY GOSH! The last time I "helped" Harriet, I realized that paper trimmers can be tricky for some people to use; it can be hard to apply very little glue; and precisely placing tiny embellishments is not a skill for everyone! 

Though we had fun last time, too, it was frustrating for Harriet and it required much oversight and many adjustments. I knew I needed to create a design her daughter loved AND figure out ways they could really be of help. 


What made the difference??? First, like on home make-over shows,  I assigned them "homework" of punching circles and corners. All the pre-punched circles helped speed things up, and the corners would have except the punch got stuckBUT the biggest factor in making this stress-free was using the No-clog Writing Cap with the Best Glue Ever, and using Embellie Gellie! 

The assembly couldn't have gone better!

So, please watch this video for how to use these products to make your crafting easier and more fun AND a couple other tips like how to use a "sticky mat" designed to hold your cell phone on the dashboard in crafting or how freezer paper can help!