Friday, August 25, 2017

The Best Cleaner Ever & Best Glue Ever ScraPerfect's Dynamic Duo To The Rescue

Hello there crafty friends.  Michelle here today, to share my experience, with a sort of crafty challenge, I would like to share with you.

Recently, after viewing a video by ScraPerfect's founder Amy Roszak, "How To Make Cricut Mat Sticky Again-Easy & SAFELY" over on the ScraPerfect YouTube channel, in which she demonstrated how easy it is to remove all build up left over by paper and the "tack" that lost it's stick, using the Best Cleaner Ever and how she used the Best Glue Ever, to add fresh "tack", well I just had to give this a try.

I have a Silhouette Cameo 3, and I have a creative hobby of making paper flowers for my own crafting designs, so I literally go through the cutting mats like crazy. Not very economical.

At one point, after reading in a Silhouette forum, it was suggested that a re-postional stencil adhesive spray can be used to add fresh tack to the cutting mats that no longer had any sticky left, I had actually given  that a try. Several tries actually, only to be disappointed by the lack of longevity of that tack. Not only that, the adhesive spray has an overpowering odor, and frankly is very messy to use because of the overspray.

This time, I followed Amy's lead. I used the Best Cleaner Ever on two of my mats, spraying the spots with left over paper pieces, and spending it evenly from there, over the entire mat surface. I let it sit 20-25 minutes on each mat. To remove the now loosened tack. and paper, I used a razor tool, to gently remove the "gunk" off the mat's.

One of the mat's actually had several layers of that adhesive spray,  so there was still a minute amount of the "non tacky" adhesive spray, without any sticky, but this did not present any problems moving forward.

Using Amy's "recipe" of adding water to a generous dollop of the Best Glue Ever, mixing it to the consistency of paint, I used a sponge applicator to spread this mixture over the now pre-cleaned mat's, and let it dry thoroughly, maybe an hour or so, and I was BLOWN AWAY at the results.

My mats now have fresh tack. And, it releases paper easily than ever before. One of the best parts in all of this? These products are very eco friendly, the Best Cleaner Ever is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & has ZERO Harmful Fumes.

And the Best Glue Ever? Well, it is both Re-Positional AND Permanent in various applications, it is also Acid Free, Non-Toxic,  and has No Fumes. A bonus feature, it is Latex-Free, which for me is a plus, as I have skin allergies when it comes to latex.

These are now the very reasons I call these ScraPerfect products, the "Dynamic Duo".
So if you have any cutting machine mats,  you know that it can be quite expensive to constantly replace them, you have just got to try the Best Cleaner Ever & Best Glue Ever, to give your mat's new life. The links below product photo's, are direct links to each in the ScraPerfect store.

For the original and full tutorial by Amy, just follow this link, and prepare to be amazed!

Thank your visiting today.  While here, be sure to check out more posts by the very talented and creative ScraPerfect design team

Until next time.....

                                                                    Michelle Wells

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