Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Make Your Craft Supplies Stretch Way Beyond the Craft Room!

Hi! Kathy here with today's post for ScraPerfect  and it is not an actual craft project, but rather a reminder that you can use your craft supplies outside of the craft room with very good results! 

As was mentioned on my blog last week, I participate in small animal rescue so there is always a need for me to have a well equipped cage ready to go for a new furry friend. A generous hamster loving friend donated a large cage and supplies to my Rodent Room several weeks ago and I finally gathered everything I needed to set it up. But in the process, I ran into a problem...I often like to secure food bowls on top of a wooden house so that they don't get spilled or covered in bedding...but this time I ran out of my self adhesive velcro rounds. So I tried to use Command brand fixtures instead, only to find out that their adhesive strips would NOT stick to the wood of the house -they just popped right off...UGG -so very frustrating!

This is where the Best Glue Ever came to my rescue! The food bowl already had velcro attached to the bottom of it, so I just needed a way to stick it to the top of the wooden house and not have it slip and slide around. I spread BGE onto the back of the non -cooperative adhesive of the Command strips, positioned the bowl where I wanted it, weighed it down with a marble tile coaster and a larger bowl and walked away to let it set up and dry for several hours.

When I came back to check on it the following morning, everything was firmly attached where I wanted it to be! So the Best Glue Ever really DOES work on so much more than paper...give it a shot and I promise that you too will fall in love with this product! (even if you don't have a Rodent Room in your house or love hamsters like I do, lol)

Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~


Robin Horasanian said...

I have had a white mouse and two hamsters (years apart) and it never occured to me to raise the food dish. Great idea!

Michelle Wells said...

Great tutorial and great way to use BGE :)

ScraPerfect said...

True, true. They always got into the dishes and knocked them over!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

I LOVE little rodents! I had a huge rat all through high school --- Black Bart. Great idea with the food dishes!

Lyne Blodgett said...

Creative thinking!