Friday, August 11, 2017

How to get really great prints of digital stamp on your fancy papers!

Hi Everyone, Ginny Here with a "rest of the story"! A few weeks ago I posted about using my Embelli Gelli while making a vintage card.  In that post I used a "chalkboard " digi, the first print did not turn out well.

The owner of the Scraperfect Company    contacted me and said, "There is a way to fix that problem", watch this video:  

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about it and I was concerned  about my printer cartridge head - I did not want anything getting on it and causing problems
  But I am all about doing things better so I thought I can at least watch it!

So Since I have the Perfect Crafting Pouch and use and love it all the time for heat embossing, I thought well I can at least give it a try!

Well, I was impressed and my cartridge was fine!

I simply rubbed my pouch over the paper


Not too bad, but still not what I want on my cards


I did not alter these photos in any way.
so you know What I will be doing when I do these dense images!

Holding all these textured layers:
Best Glue Ever works on everything!
glitter, mirror, glossy papers.

Here is a recap on the Perfect Craft Pouch pouch"

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this helpful, I fully endorse the products of the companies I design for, I won't work for them unless their products work for me!  I love sharing the good stuff with my readers - to help you spend the green stuff on the best stuff!
Ginny M
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Kim Lippincott said...

Love your card Ginny!

Michelle Wells said...

Sweet out come & beautiful card! I had also been a bit curious as our printer is a corporate/business toner printer (a major score when a company my hubby previously worked for closed and was liquidating) Gonna give this a try myself :)

ScraPerfect said...

We're glad you tried it and love your results!

ScraPerfect said...

The pouch was designed for improving INK JET printing as that is the kind that generally has the printing challenges on slick, coated or absorbent papers. If yours uses toner, it's probably LASER. Does that have issues printing on certain papers? IF SO, we'd be very curious about your results!!!