Saturday, August 26, 2017

How To Create Cheap,Quick And Easy Craft Room Storage

Hi all

I am back with a tutorial showing you how to create a quick and easy set of draws using  mini draws found in the local craft store and Best Glue Ever.

To start off you need a set of wooden draws like these ones

Coat them in gesso so that the top coat of paint is easier to apply. 

Paint the draws  fully and leave to dry before using rubber stamps to create a pattern.

Once the paint has dried off, Apply Best Glue Ever to the side of each pair of the draws. Glue them together and allow the glue to set.

Next appy Best Glue Ever to the feet of the draws and stack them on top of each other. This glue bonds strong with wood and will hold everything in place which other craft glues struggle with.

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Michelle Wells said...

Katie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

ScraPerfect said...

Beautiful! What a transformation!