Monday, August 7, 2017

How The Perfect Crafting Pouch Beats The Competition

     Hey everyone - Lyne here with you today.  I wanted to share with you today my recent experience using the Perfect Crafting Pouch versus it's competition.
     Several friends and I have challenged each other to a year long no stash buy called StashBusters.  As part of this I was using a kit I purchased in 2014!   
     The kit calls for putting pop dots under stickers from the sheet to use as embellishments.  If you've tried this before you know it can be problematic because if you don't get every last bit of sticky off they sink in weird places.
     I have another tool that you're supposed to brush on the sticky side and it has a powder that should remove the sticky.  I wanted to use it up before using my new crafting pouch, but after applying this other product to the stickers two and three times they were still sticky.
     I tried my crafting pouch first with the stickers I had already applied the other product too, and they were no longer sticky.  Okay I thought, it's because I had the other product on first, but nope!  I put it on stickers right off the sheet, and in on swipe the sticky was gone.  
     If you haven't tried the crafting pouch yet, this convert urges you to reconsider!