Thursday, August 31, 2017

Video How To Make Easy Beautiful Homemade Invitations

Hi All-
Amy Here... with a VIDEO showing tips you'll want to keep in your "tool bag"! 

As a gift to my friend and her daughter, I offered to "help" make invitations, aware she and her 8th grade daughter [both non-crafty] wanted to help. 

 OH MY GOSH! The last time I "helped" Harriet, I realized that paper trimmers can be tricky for some people to use; it can be hard to apply very little glue; and precisely placing tiny embellishments is not a skill for everyone! 

Though we had fun last time, too, it was frustrating for Harriet and it required much oversight and many adjustments. I knew I needed to create a design her daughter loved AND figure out ways they could really be of help. 


What made the difference??? First, like on home make-over shows,  I assigned them "homework" of punching circles and corners. All the pre-punched circles helped speed things up, and the corners would have except the punch got stuckBUT the biggest factor in making this stress-free was using the No-clog Writing Cap with the Best Glue Ever, and using Embellie Gellie! 

The assembly couldn't have gone better!

So, please watch this video for how to use these products to make your crafting easier and more fun AND a couple other tips like how to use a "sticky mat" designed to hold your cell phone on the dashboard in crafting or how freezer paper can help!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easy 10 Minute Card Tutorial for Any Occasion with Best Glue Ever

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Shelly with you sharing the easiest card tutorial ever!

If you have 10 minutes, you can make a sweet and simple handmade card.

What you'll need:
  • Best Glue Ever
  • Card base (my base is cut 12" long by 4 1/4" wide)
  • Patterned paper scrap
  • 2" Square punch
  • Ribbon (1 piece cut 2", 1 piece tied into a bow)
  • Bling
Let's Assemble:
  • Round corners of your card base with a corner rounder (optional)
  • Punch a piece of patterned paper with square punch, adhere with Best Glue Ever to card base centered, about 3/4" from bottom edge
  • Use BGE to adhere 2" piece cut ribbon to center of your punched square
  • Add bling to upper center of your punched box, on top of ribbon
  • Top your your punched box with ribbon bow using BGE
  • Optional:  Add a one or two word sentiment (to keep with the simplicity of this card)

And that's it!  Handmade does not have to be hard!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

You Need To Use The Best Glue Ever On Chipboard Embellishments

     Hey friends...Lyne here with you today.  I wanted to share with you how I use my Best Glue Ever on chipboard pieces.  I created the below layout using up odds and ends pieces from a kit club I was part of in I believe 2015.
    I'm not entirely sure I'm in love with the layout, but it documents a silly phase my kids are going though and that's what really matters right!?
    Anyway...where the Best Glue Ever saved me was the chipboard piece on the left (blue) and under the photo (green).  This isn't just any chipboard pieces as it has quite a bit of bulk to it.
     The sticky on it wasn't  keeping the pieces down, and I find this is often the case with even thinner chipboard.  A thin line of The Best Glue Ever, and you can see my pieces are securely stuck to the page.
      Get out that bottle...even for pieces that already have a sticky back!

Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Make Your Craft Supplies Stretch Way Beyond the Craft Room!

Hi! Kathy here with today's post for ScraPerfect  and it is not an actual craft project, but rather a reminder that you can use your craft supplies outside of the craft room with very good results! 

As was mentioned on my blog last week, I participate in small animal rescue so there is always a need for me to have a well equipped cage ready to go for a new furry friend. A generous hamster loving friend donated a large cage and supplies to my Rodent Room several weeks ago and I finally gathered everything I needed to set it up. But in the process, I ran into a problem...I often like to secure food bowls on top of a wooden house so that they don't get spilled or covered in bedding...but this time I ran out of my self adhesive velcro rounds. So I tried to use Command brand fixtures instead, only to find out that their adhesive strips would NOT stick to the wood of the house -they just popped right off...UGG -so very frustrating!

This is where the Best Glue Ever came to my rescue! The food bowl already had velcro attached to the bottom of it, so I just needed a way to stick it to the top of the wooden house and not have it slip and slide around. I spread BGE onto the back of the non -cooperative adhesive of the Command strips, positioned the bowl where I wanted it, weighed it down with a marble tile coaster and a larger bowl and walked away to let it set up and dry for several hours.

When I came back to check on it the following morning, everything was firmly attached where I wanted it to be! So the Best Glue Ever really DOES work on so much more than paper...give it a shot and I promise that you too will fall in love with this product! (even if you don't have a Rodent Room in your house or love hamsters like I do, lol)

Until next time, happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Sunday, August 27, 2017

How To Create Your Own Embellishments

Hey there!
Lisa here today to share a tutorial on how to create your own fun embellishments.
I used ScraPerfect's The Best Glue Ever and Transfer Foil along with Paper House Production papers and came up with this layout of my son and I after one of his baseball games:

Because I didn't have a lot of orange and black baseball embellies to go with the papers/ photos, I decided to create my own using star diecuts, The Best Glue Ever and Transfer Foil
I used star diecuts  I previously cut from white cardstock:

I added the Best Glue Ever to the stars and spread a thin layer using a paint brush:

I set these aside to dry to a clear finish:

Once dry, after about 10 minutes, I laid my very well used Transfer Foil on top and rubbed with my finger. Then peeled the diecut off.  Because I had used quite a bit of this Transfer Foil sheet previously, (yeah, this orange is my favorite!) I had to do this several times.

Because I used textured cardstock for my stars, I didn't get complete coverage of the foil, but I love the distressed look of it and was perfect for this sports page:

I used a cut file from the Silhouette store to create my title and backed it with black cardstock. I added a hand cut star and one of the foiled stars:

Here's another star with a baseball sticker added to the center of it:

I added watercolor to my background and added a few layers under my photos along with some stitching:

Here is a side view of my title. Check out all the fun detail the transfer foil added to my title:

I hope I have inspired you to pull out your supplies and make your own embellishments!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a fabulous day!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

How To Create Cheap,Quick And Easy Craft Room Storage

Hi all

I am back with a tutorial showing you how to create a quick and easy set of draws using  mini draws found in the local craft store and Best Glue Ever.

To start off you need a set of wooden draws like these ones

Coat them in gesso so that the top coat of paint is easier to apply. 

Paint the draws  fully and leave to dry before using rubber stamps to create a pattern.

Once the paint has dried off, Apply Best Glue Ever to the side of each pair of the draws. Glue them together and allow the glue to set.

Next appy Best Glue Ever to the feet of the draws and stack them on top of each other. This glue bonds strong with wood and will hold everything in place which other craft glues struggle with.

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How to perfectly print on Vellum papers to make a masculine card and a freebie

Hi,  Ginny here and today I'm using I am printing on Vellum to create a beautiful masculine card! o create my Masculine birthday card.  Here is the card:
Here is the Card:

For this card, I dry embossed a sheet of rich shimmery chocolate brown paper

See how beautiful this comes out?  Looks like leather!

Before printing on  super smooth translucent Vellum, I give  the paper a quick rub over of  my Perfect Crafting Pouch 
Using this little pouch will make an amazing difference in your ink jet printing, especially on vellum, no more smearing!

Beautiful printing results!
Holding all the layer together - Best Glue Ever Of course!

I added little liquid pearls to the greeting 

This beautiful greeting is from Paulas Posts :

Super on vellum!

I hope this post inspires you!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M 

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Best Cleaner Ever & Best Glue Ever ScraPerfect's Dynamic Duo To The Rescue

Hello there crafty friends.  Michelle here today, to share my experience, with a sort of crafty challenge, I would like to share with you.

Recently, after viewing a video by ScraPerfect's founder Amy Roszak, "How To Make Cricut Mat Sticky Again-Easy & SAFELY" over on the ScraPerfect YouTube channel, in which she demonstrated how easy it is to remove all build up left over by paper and the "tack" that lost it's stick, using the Best Cleaner Ever and how she used the Best Glue Ever, to add fresh "tack", well I just had to give this a try.

I have a Silhouette Cameo 3, and I have a creative hobby of making paper flowers for my own crafting designs, so I literally go through the cutting mats like crazy. Not very economical.

At one point, after reading in a Silhouette forum, it was suggested that a re-postional stencil adhesive spray can be used to add fresh tack to the cutting mats that no longer had any sticky left, I had actually given  that a try. Several tries actually, only to be disappointed by the lack of longevity of that tack. Not only that, the adhesive spray has an overpowering odor, and frankly is very messy to use because of the overspray.

This time, I followed Amy's lead. I used the Best Cleaner Ever on two of my mats, spraying the spots with left over paper pieces, and spending it evenly from there, over the entire mat surface. I let it sit 20-25 minutes on each mat. To remove the now loosened tack. and paper, I used a razor tool, to gently remove the "gunk" off the mat's.

One of the mat's actually had several layers of that adhesive spray,  so there was still a minute amount of the "non tacky" adhesive spray, without any sticky, but this did not present any problems moving forward.

Using Amy's "recipe" of adding water to a generous dollop of the Best Glue Ever, mixing it to the consistency of paint, I used a sponge applicator to spread this mixture over the now pre-cleaned mat's, and let it dry thoroughly, maybe an hour or so, and I was BLOWN AWAY at the results.

My mats now have fresh tack. And, it releases paper easily than ever before. One of the best parts in all of this? These products are very eco friendly, the Best Cleaner Ever is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & has ZERO Harmful Fumes.

And the Best Glue Ever? Well, it is both Re-Positional AND Permanent in various applications, it is also Acid Free, Non-Toxic,  and has No Fumes. A bonus feature, it is Latex-Free, which for me is a plus, as I have skin allergies when it comes to latex.

These are now the very reasons I call these ScraPerfect products, the "Dynamic Duo".
So if you have any cutting machine mats,  you know that it can be quite expensive to constantly replace them, you have just got to try the Best Cleaner Ever & Best Glue Ever, to give your mat's new life. The links below product photo's, are direct links to each in the ScraPerfect store.

For the original and full tutorial by Amy, just follow this link, and prepare to be amazed!

Thank your visiting today.  While here, be sure to check out more posts by the very talented and creative ScraPerfect design team

Until next time.....

                                                                    Michelle Wells

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hey Girl.....

((SIGH))  IF ONLY....... the struggle is real in my household!

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Hope you are all having a fabulous crafty week!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How To Decorate A Pretty Travel Journal

Tracy here today and I've got a fun little project that will help you keep your vacation keepsakes organized. Whenever we go on vacation, I always keep ticket stubs, receipts and brochures that I think I might use when I get around to scrapping the photos. I usually just stuff them in my purse or suitcase and they get wrinkled and sometimes even lost. Or I can't even remember what they were for. So, I decided to make a Travel Journal to take along with me.

I won this Brag Book several years ago and couldn't figure out what to do with it. It came with journaling pages, 2 slot photo sleeves and pocket pages. Sounds perfect for a Travel Journal, right? 
It had a blank cover so I definitely had to decorate it. I dug through my stash and found all these travel themed embellishments that would be perfect for a Travel Journal.

Now, I wanted to be sure all these embellishments were adhered strongly to the cover, so of course I grabbed my bottle of the Best Glue Ever along with the No Clog Writing Tip. Some of those embellishments were very tiny and needed just a thin line of glue so the No Clog Writing Tip came in very handy. And here's another tip.....the get out there embellishment is a clear piece of plastic and naturally you don't want any glue to show through so I applied some of the Best Glue Ever behind the letters and let it get tacky before sticking it down on the paper. That way it wouldn't squish outside of the letters and show through.

Here's another look at the final project

I plan on sitting down every evening and organize my keepsakes and writing about what we saw and did that day. That way everything will be in one place when I get around to scrapping our vacations.

Thanks for stopping by!