Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tips For Easy Sparkling Embellishment Creation

Hey Scrappy Friends!  Lyne here today with my tip on using transfer foil to create easy and sparkling embellishments. 
     Prior to join the ScraPerfect team I have never worked with foils, but I saw they had so much potential to help me create tiny embellishments for my pages.  Using glue though I wasn't having great success.  I know the other ladies use it to perfection, but I just couldn't get it even enough for my liking.  Everything was bumpy, and that wasn't what I was going for in this case.
     I set them aside and got to thinking.  What could I do to make my adhesive application more even.  I thought about watering The Best Glue Ever down and using a brush, but that was more work than I wanted.  I wanted something quick and easy, and finally it came to me.  My Xyron machine!  I have two, but I used the smaller one to test my idea.

     I cut a piece of cardstock to fit...ran it through the machine, and applied the foil.  Look at the perfect, and even, coat of foil on my paper.  I finally had the look I was going for!

     I then took the tiny punches I keep on my desk for exactly this sort of thing and went to town.  I now have perfectly covered and smooth embellishments in my extras container using my scrap cardstock.

     I now have two perfect ways to use my foil.  Glue for texture and Xyron for smooth.  Hope that gives you a new idea on how to use your foils.