Friday, July 21, 2017

How I saved my favorite ink pad

Hey Scrappy Friends!  Lyne here and if you've been following me for a bit you know that I like to find creative uses to use my Best Glue Ever.  I have another one for you today.
     My baby girl LOVES my ink pads for some reason.  I have to drag her away from them at least five or six times a day.  Well, before I could get to her the other day she managed to rip my favorite color ink pad apart.
     I knew it needed to be a special glue to repair this because I didn't want to compromise the ink.  Best Glue Ever is good for use with foam so I figured I'd give it a try.
     Look at how little  glue it took to stick the ink pad versus the original!
     I also took the above pictures for you holding the ink pad upside down and sideways to show how well it stuck!  I'm so glad that my favorite color ink pad could be saved since I can't procure these locally.  Keep watching for more creating ways to use the ScraPerfect products.


Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Good reminder on how to repair ink pads! I have some where the pad just came off on it's own - need to re-glue with BGE!

Michelle Wells said...

Awesome tip!

ScraPerfect said...

I had this issue, too, and the best was that the #BestGlueEver worked while the pad was wet and inky. I used more than the four dots you show--AMAZING!!!

LisaM said...

I have tried this and it works awesome!

Kim Lippincott said...

I have done this too, works great!