Saturday, June 3, 2017

How To Turn Craft Packaging Into Something Beautiful To Encourage

Hello everyone. 
Michelle here, bringing to you my latest 
project, using many of the amazing 
ScraPerfect products.

Today's project feature,
is an up-cycling project,
using product packaging, 
to create beautiful, embellished 
& encouraging notecards,
a couple featuring a postcard inspired look.

The best part? I finally put to use the 
AMAZING Perfect Crafting Pouch,
to achieve precision, crisp
results in my stamping designs.

I just lightly tapped the pouch
on the stamping area.
Then, I stamped the image over 
the treated area, 
which enabled the ink to dry quickly.
Once the ink had dried
 I used a soft brush to remove
any traces of pouch powder
left behind.

Additional ScraPerfect products
used in this project,
Best Glue Ever, Foil Transfer Sheet
Shaved Ice & Best Cleaner Ever.

Using the Best Glue Ever,
I added flowers, ribbon, twine,
transfer foil & ice.

Each card has it's own
unique design, and on the reverse side 
of each, there is room
to write a brief personal note.

I coordinated envelopes to go with each card.

There you have it, a creative
way to reuse the packing that
so many craft embellishments come with
(and I am sure like me, y'all have some laying around too)
that can be little notes to bring 
encouragement to others.

While you are here on the ScraPerfect blog, 
check out the many creative projects,
by the talented ScraPerfect design team.

Be sure to visit ScraPerfect's online store
to purchase these amazing, innovative products
for your crafty projects.

Until next time.....
Crafty Blessings!


Tracy F. said...

These are beautiful!

ScraPerfect said...

Cool!!!! I also love to use packaging, but never thought to use them as the foundation for a card:)

PS The Perfect Cleaning Cloth is designed to work in tandem with the pouch to remove all traces the powders when they are visible. The cloth works especially beautifully when the pouch has been used as an antistatic bag before stamping on black and dark papers where the pouch powders are highly visible.

LisaM said...

These cards are awesome! And I love that you recycled!