Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to Make a Stylish Wedding Engagement Layout

Good morning fellow crafters Penny here to show you how to make a stylish wedding engagement layout

So here are most of the supplies I started with, they don't look like much in this pile of goodies, but I promise they will look better in the end.

I started with blue cardstock, and this mesh type of white linen stiff ribbon. I liked the fact that it was on the stiff side but getting it to glue down properly would have normally been quite a chore. Thankfully I had ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever which made gluing it down a breeze! This glue hold's paper, gems, metal, wood, plastic, and even this stiff fabric that wanted to curl instead of lay flat.

Next I needed to glue another piece of ribbon on top of that and some vellum, but no need to switch glue as this glue holds both materials quite well, but I did add the No Clog Writing Cap to the end of my glue bottle so I could place that glue down exactly where I wanted it without any overflow issues showing through on the vellum, or fabric. It worked perfectly! 

The vellum and note card were from a pack of wedding invitations, but I needed my hole punch to punch out holes out for my ribbon.

Then I placed what would have been the matching thank you card on the top right to use as a journaling block.

Next in the process came the ribbon, and the beautiful engagement ring embellishment.

This darling engagement ring embellishment was also from a pack of wedding invitations. I normally find these kits at a second hand shop or at yard sales so I pay very little for very good quality paper.

To the layout I now added the bride and groom, cake, and title stickers.

To finish my layout off I added the bling dots, and gems, and some punched out flowers to the title also held in place by the Best Glue Ever.

I hope you enjoyed following along today, and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 


LisaM said...

Love that huge ring! Beautiful layout!

Michelle Wells said...


ScraPerfect said...

Great idea to re-purpose cards (and their embellishments) to a layout ...(or even to rearrange to a different card.) And love how ScraPerfect's #BestGlueEver is so incredibly versatile.