Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fast and Easy Way to get Gum Off Upholstery

Hey there ScraPerfect fans!
Lisa here to share a fast and easy way to take gum off upholstery.
I was in the process of cleaning my daughter's car to get it ready to sell. I noticed there was a wad of gum on the back seat. Yeah, she doesn't know how it got there, lol!
I decided to try the Best Cleaner Ever and I am so happy that was the first thing I tried! It worked very well and was fast and easy!

Here is what it looked like before I started:

I sprayed it with the Best Cleaner Ever and let it sit 5 minutes:

I took a paper towel, wiped it and scrapped it. 

I did this 2 more times and this was the result:

I was so happy with the results! So next time you are looking for something to take gum out, try the Best Cleaner Ever! I am so happy I did!


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