Thursday, June 1, 2017

At last, how to do beautiful simple foiling for a touch of glamour on your paper crafts - all you need is the Best Glue Ever. Plus a free gift!

Hi, Ginny here with you today and I have a fun post for you today; trying the technique of foiling!  I don't own a machine that foils or a laser printer - the two mainstream ways of creating foiled cards - nor do I want to purchase one.  I would like to add the foil elegance to my card making repertoire.  If you are like me, you aren't first in line at the craft store to purchase the complete set of the latest crafty yum yum's.  I try to perfect my skills with things I already have before I move on.

I had heard that foiling can be done with the Best Glue Ever - no machine needed.  I thought wow that is awesome!  So I watched this video and   I thought well I know I have the skill to do that! I grabbed my Scraperfect foil and my Best Glue Ever and made my first foiled card!
I'm going to share the Steps with you, but to give you a fast forward here is the card!

for my first project, I kept it simple

 Looks pretty used, my bottle of Best Glue ever - It is!!   I picked my packet of solid color transfer foils 

I stamped off two images of one of my favorite  Magenta images

Colored the section of image I want to have dimension

I added the tiny amount of  Best Glue Ever

 I after about 30 seconds pressed the foil over the glue gave it a gentle rub and pulled it off.
that is it, so simple!

The fist area. Using the foil and Glue you can take your time and add the foiling as you like

I selected my coloring pens

adjusted the  dimensional element

Colored - I always have a piece of scrap to test my color choices

Put in shadows

Added layers 

Using Best Glue Ever I can create many layers that will all sit perfectly flat

This was really enjoyable to create I hope you check the video out and give this a try!
Thank you for stopping by today!
Ginny M

Here a freebie you might like trying a little foiling on!


Penny said...

Beautiful card!

Michelle Wells said...

Love the jewel tone colors you chose, great use of the foil :)
Thanks for the freebie <3

Tracy F. said...

Gorgeous card!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Absolutely gorgeous - love all your layers!

Kathy Klersy said...

this is gorgeous and you have inspired me to think outside of the box when using foil!